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== Missing Tools == === Missing Tools ===
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== CDs ==  === CDs ===

Please check the status of this specification in Launchpad before editing it. If it is Approved, contact the Assignee or another knowledgeable person before making changes.


Packaging KDE 4 in Hardy.

Release Note

KDE 4 packages are available with selected modules supported as default. CDs are available for those who prefer a complete KDE 4 environment without LTS.


KDE 4 rocks, we should support it.


Merge with Debian, keep packages co-installable and move kdeedu to main.,


Use the Debian packaging rather than our current packaging, but keep the namespaced source package names so kdebase remains as kde4base.

Keep packages installed into /usr/lib/kde4. Have the packaging create wrapper scripts for each binary in /usr/bin/<binary>-kde4 which export required PATHs and run /usr/lib/kde4/<binary>. Also create menu entries in /usr/share/applications/<binary>-kde4 which point to /usr/lib/kde4/bin/<binary>-kde4.

Binary packages need to be renamed to <package>-kde4 where they overlap in name with the KDE 3 version.

Make sure kdebase-data and kdelibs5, kdebase-runtime-bin, kdebase-runtime-data, kde-icon-oxygen are coinstallable with the KDE 3 packages in order to support packages in main.

When packages are coinstallable, move KDE Edu and KDE Games into /usr/ and put them into main.

Missing Tools

The major missing application in KDE 4 compared to KDE 3 is packaging tools. Work with upstream to create front-end KDE tools for PackageKit and the backend for apt. This is not a requirement for hardy but should be started in its timeframe to ensure they are ready for hardy+1.


Use unidistro to create CDs with KDE 4 based on Gutsy and include as much as can fit on the CD. CDs should be made for each release of KDE 4. Upload to Kubuntu.org, emphasise that they are unsupported.


None at this stage, continue to use ~/.kde4 for data. Move to ~/,.kde for hardy+1


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