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Welcome to the La Porte Team Wiki. This is the collaboration place for users in the Laporte area to find information on local events and resources. We are currently creating and organizing the team. Anyone in the area is welcome to join.

Most LoCo's in our area have older members who like to place meetings in pubs and places where the younger crowd can not go. The La Porte team was created by a 17 year old for the younger crowd.


For more information on this team feel free to contact Dustin Tacy at

We have a Myspace Group that anyone can join at the LaPorteTeam Myspace Group

How to Contribute

Contributing is simple. Either contact Dustin or join the LaPorteTeam Myspace Group to become a member. Once a member you can praticipate in events, give ideas, and do whatever you feel you should do to help the team.


We currently have no projects but if you have an idea, please share it.


I have an idea for an event but do not have a set time or place. More info on it later.


/Members - This page has information about who some of the memebers of the team are. Please post your WikiName on this page.


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