Design team

  • Welcome note

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Welcome to the design team of Ubuntu learning for schools project. If you are a creative soul whether in area of photo design, video design, app design than we would love to have you on board. We need someone who will design visual appearance of our learning material on different platforms (web is our current focus), and who will design outlook appearance of learning platforms (either from scratch either not - this depends on a done app solution and its flexibility to change).

  • Tasks for design team

  • Design of the content (written, photos, video - in this process goes the entire scenario from idea to final result)
  • Design of learning environment as a whole (here is meant outlook appearance of certain platform, there won't ne necessity to design some LMS from the scratch because we will use solutions that are already done/ready to use.... If we will go for learning app development than design from the scratch is understandable and desirable)
  • Reports with links on this page so we could see in which phase you are and what propositions do you have for further design

  • What is done so far?

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