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Welcome note

Welcome to the Pedagogical team of Ubuntu learning for schools project. If you have a pedagogical background, if you think you could help with your advices/instructions, if you are passionate about education and technology, you are more than welcome to join our pedagogical team. By joining this team you will not only help your fellow teachers, you will enable students to widen their horizons and learn easier.

  • Tasks for Pedagogical team

  • Writing pedagogical instructions for developing lessons (this can be applied for e-learning as well because it has a good plan from idea to the final result)
  • Writing pedagogical instructions for developing e-learning environment. Despite that instructions for developing lessons can be adapted in e-learning case i.e. lesson development part, there is a difference in style of writing and different approach towards learners in e-learning environment.
  • Writing pedagogical instructions for developing mobile learning environment - this is optional. If we will consider in future to integrate web and mobile platforms than this will not be optional anymore.
  • Pedagogical team has to cooperate very narrowly with the rest of the teams.
  • Reports with links on this page so we could see in which phase you are

  • What is done so far?

Pedagogical instructions for developing lessons

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