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About Me

I'm a father of three and husband to a long suffering wife...

By day I'm a mild mannered windows developer building software for rugged mobile devices for use in Proof of Delivery and various Logistics applications.

By night the transformation is complete and I'm a fully fledged geek with years experience in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, graphic novels. It's true that my star wars t-shirt is faded and that I yearn for a beard that would grow long and thick. Except on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I become a potential instructor (PI) with the Army Cadet Force.

The only other thing to say is in order to off-set my eating habit I have taken up triathlon and am currently training extensively for a couple of Half Iron Man triathlons (1900m swim, 56mile bike, 13.1mile run) this upcoming season.

Things I do for Ubuntu


  • I'm striving to be an active member of the Ubuntu-UK LoCo

  • I attempt to give helpful support and advice in the #ubuntu-uk irc channel
  • I am working hard on converting everyone I meet to Ubuntu, by forcing Live CD's and/or iso's in their direction.
  • I'm hoping to join Ubuntu Beginners focusing on development projects.


  • At home I am running the current late Alpha, and will switch to the beta as it becomes available this way I will be able to attempt to fix triaged bugs and should have the ability to file any necessary bug reports.


  • I've contributed bug reports

  • I help out with queries on the UK Lo Co mailing list where appropriate

Room for Improvement

  • I need to get a grasp on Ubuntu and more importantly Linux in general coming from a windows background a lot of things in my knowledge need tweaking; I'm thinking that an overview would stand me in good stead.
  • Need to consult more when trying to help with bugs etc. it's one of those where I tend to wrestle with things when a simple question could clarify in moments Big Grin :)

  • I need to pull my finger out and get the introduction email sent to the Ubuntu beginners mailing list.
  • Want to re-learn how to play the guitar, mandolin, and banjo - can then get back to recording only this time using Linux!


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