I, Leo Iannacone, apply for MOTU rights.


Leo Iannacone

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Who I am

Computer Engineer, studying for MS graduation - I'm a proud member of Ubuntu Italian LoCo Council. I work in my LoCo as webdesigner and sysadmin. Well-code, good-food and Jazz and Rock music lover.

My Ubuntu story

I discovered Ubuntu in the far April 2006, after a year with Debian, Ubuntu immediately struck me (at the time was the Breezy release), but it was with Dapper that Ubuntu has totally won my heart. I still remember the great surprise in seeing an unstable with a graphic installer (Live!), distinguished from all other distributions for its simple way to operate and for involving the new users in a new simpler world. It was for me an amazing event ... Almost immediately I removed Debian for it.

I started to bring the Italian community, immediately with the forum (helping people and learning more things), but then my attention moved on the wiki where I started to work in the translation of new HowTos from wiki.u.c. In December 2006 I was appointed forum moderator. I was excited about myself, but the surprises were not finished yet ... Indeed, in January 2007 I was appointed wiki editor by Italian documentation team. My happiness had reached the stars. These promotions increase my desire to work much more... And in fact:

  • 2008 - I became Wiki Admin
  • 2009 - Joined Website Team (leaving the Forum team)
  • 2010 - I became Admin for Website
  • 2011 - I was appointed Ubuntu Italian Council member
  • 2012 - I created (and became admin) a new team: "Ubuntu Italian sysadmins" (leaving Wiki team)

Such great years! and a great community experience!

In 2011 I also started taking a look at Ubuntu code. I've been involved trying some simple merge from Debian and, in a few week, I started to fix issue and submit my patches to Debian and to Upstream. You would read my emails with "Leo, thanks a lot!" - amazing!

Nowadays I still continue to give my support as sysadmin and webdesigner in Ubuntu Italian Team, as well as trying to fix problems directly in Ubuntu and trough packages I maintain in Debian.

My involvement

My main area of involvement is doing Merges/Syncs, I've also worked on some FTBFS, some SRU and on adding some new features to the applications I love. Most of my work is for the Precise Development Cycle.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

A complete list of packages can be found HERE.

Areas of work

Not a precise area of work. I've always worked on and on (specially on ftbfs reports). More attention on Science related packages, but not so restrictive.

Things I could do better

Make ubuntu-it and Ubuntu developing live together!... It happens sometime that I have more work on Italian Team, so I have leave for a bit developing - as happened for Quantal Cycle. A better "work planning" could help, as well as more contributors for The Italian Teams!.

Plans for the future


  • Continue to work with merges and FTBFS.
  • Get involved with the Ubuntu Security Team. This is a personal goal I've always wanted reach.
  • Take more attention on Science packages, since I would like see more Ubuntu installations in more schools as possible.
  • Get involved with the Ubuntu QA Team - paying attention to obsolete packages.

What I like least in Ubuntu

Mmm... I do not know.

... Ubuntu Software Center design? ... Honestly I do not use it (preferring apt and aptitude) - but I've always considered it a bit eyesore (hoping nobody will get offended from that) and a bit slow.


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Didier Roche (didrocks)

I worked and sponsored few packages from Leo and those were trivials enough to prevent me giving a real endorsement. However, from the work I've seen from him was positive. He understands the ubuntu/debian relationship and knows how the distribution is working. He worked as well on some SRUs for precise which were flawless to sponsor (cherry-picking the fix from debian).


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Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

General feedback

Leo has done a great job in Ubuntu development. I almost never had to offer corrections and I'm very happy to see that he not only contributors fixes for Ubuntu, but also for Debian and put some good work into the Ubuntu Packaging Guide. He'd be a great MOTU and I'd trust him with upload rights.

Specific Experiences of working together

Martin Pitt

General feedback

I sponsored a merge, two version upgrades, two SRUs, and three rebuilds for Leo. Apart from the rebuilds, they have not been trivial, and I did not have to change anything (except once to add a bug # to the changelog). I was quite happy with those, but I do not have enough first-hand experience with him to be confident to give him my approval yet, but I have no reason at all to object. Thanks Leo for your nice work! -- -- pitti 2012-09-25 14:21:41

Specific Experiences of working together

Andrea Colangelo

General feedback

Altough I sponsored just a couple packages, I can give witness of the great commitment Leo shows in Ubuntu Development. He is eager to learn, careful in his work, well-disposed to team working. I guess he will be a great MOTU and look forward to see him joining the team.

Specific Experiences of working together


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