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About me

I'm a 20-years-old Computer Science student from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I consider myself a supporter of the open source community/movement, a feeling that was extremelly augmented when I first started using GNU/Linux in 2001. My first distro was Conectiva Linux (now known as Mandriva), later replaced by Debian which I used until october of 2004. I was very satisfied with Debian but somehow I felt that there was something else missing. That's when I first tried Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog), a true love at first sight! I was amazed at how the installation process was able to detect every single component in my computer, including my wireless card, something I didn't think any Linux distro was ready to support "out of the box." Needless to say, I've been a satisfied Ubuntu user ever since.

A simple vision of the Ubuntu Project

Ubuntu isn't just an efficient and high quality system, is a system that has a philosophy, what turns it so much atractive.

My plans and ideas for Ubuntu

My plans include translate all the Ubuntu to Portuguese, what i'm already executing. 'Cause i believe that everyone has the right to use the system in your native language. Work hardly in bugs fixes and packaging are in my plans, too.



Portuguese (Brazil)

Template "sork-vacation" in Ubuntu Dapper package "sork-vacation"

Portuguese (Brazil)

Template "gcalctools" in Ubuntu Dapper package "gcalctools"

Outside Ubuntu

  • Collaborator the Gnome-BR project.

  • Contibute of Debian-mg project.

Contact me




IRC: licio at FreeNode IRC: Spl4y at FreeNode IRC: Spl4y at GimpNet

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