I am a limited person Living in Northern Alberta Canada, who is changing from Moving Oil Drilling Rigs and Operating Heavy Equipment to the world of computer technology. I am a self taught as far as all I know about computers and mostly in the area of web page building. I can not do to much anymore other than sit in front of a computer or work in my home studio which is the way in which I would like to contribute to this project. I have a 24 track digital board, Roland TD20 digital drums, and a Korg Triton Studio workstation/sampler.

I am new to the linux system and have not switched over yet. I have researched for quite a while as to which one I would use and decided on UBUNTU because of what it stands for. I am currently waiting for the CD's as being on dial up the download is not really an option. I would like to become a member and would be an active member of this community in many aspects. Being a hyperactive workaholic I do have a lot of time on my hands. I spend around 75 to 100 hours on the computer a week.

I am in the process of moving my web sites to a new host so I will post any links at a later date. This being my first wiki before this day never even heard the word before. I have a passion for learning and find the computer technology area a facinating experience.

I am very interested in the concept of UBUNTU as it follows my personal beliefs. I would be willing to offer my services as to any needs in the music or sound area. I will promote UBUNTU through my websites and in the local area in which I live. Feel free to contact me if you have any needs in any area that I can be of any help or use.



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