Personal information

Name: Loïc Minier
Location: Serris -- a small town near Paris -- France
Occupation: Software engineer
Launchpad page: https://launchpad.net/~lool/


I've been involved with Free Software since I joined a bunch of Debian fanboys in the French school École Centrale Paris. I learnt proper usage of Debian, reported some bugs, and started contributing patches.

I applied for Debian Developer status in 2004 and spent most of my Debian time doing the maintenance of GNOME, GStreamer, and related packages as well as participating in flame^Wdiscussions.

Professionally, I've been working for a small software editor in France for 4 years, acting as the "Free Software guy" and I'm currently working for Canonical on the Ubuntu distribution. My responsabilities at Canonical include the GNOME stack and the UME project.

Work in Ubuntu

My Launchpad packages page should provide a good overview of my activities which are focused on GNOME and maemo packages.

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