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The LoCoFire Project is about making a fresh fine-structured LoCos for Ubuntu -of Users and Developers- by introducing the existing LoCo members, New Ubuntu Users and even to introduce Ubuntu to the world.

This Project, and it's Team members, intend to create the Program that will be used by the LoCo Teams worldwide, and building the main methods to gain it's objectives.


  1. Introducing the whole world to Ubuntu.
  2. Helping the Respective New Ubuntu Users, to make their way through Ubuntu World.
  3. Making a new Generation of Ubuntu Developers for the Future.


  1. We destrobute the Ubuntu community to Normal Ubuntu Users and Ubuntu Developers. B. We Coordinate meetings such as Lectures, Webinars and Workshops, to do the following:
    • Lectures & Webinars:

      • For Normal Users:
        • Introduction to OSS, Linux and the dearest Ubuntu Destrobution.
        • Learn How to use the GUI effectively and with Productivity.
        • Given a bigger view of the Terminal/CLI, Shell, Bash and how to use them when needed.
        • Learn How to Report a Bug, to complete a bug with necessary files when being asked for and how to attach them to the Bug Report and How to fined Dupes of one bug.
        • A brief Introduction to LaunchPad.net includes How to Make a LP Account Name, How to get back to their previously-reported Bugs ,Help them to assign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and the manners of interacting with Bug triaggers of their own Bugs.

      • For Developers:
        • Translation, Methods and techniques.
        • Bug Triagging, includes(Debugging Procedures, Setting Status and Managing Importance).
        • Packaging!.
    • Jams & Workshops: (For Developing Purposes Only)

      • Testing Workshops.
      • Blueprinting Workshops (Guided or Free).
      • Ubuntu Bug Jams (UBJ).
      • Translation Jams (Guided or Free).

Have Ideas?

Please Contact the https://launchpad.net/~locofire-coordinators Team.


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