Local Community team leadership

Note: A new Leadership Code of Conduct has been put together and approved at the Community Council. The following information may soon be removed completely and is kept while transitioning to the new Leadership Code of Conduct.

There are two meanings of the term leader. One is tell others what to do, the other is others follow you because you set a good example. The first concept does not work well in any volunteer organization, and Ubuntu Local Teams are no exception.

Some teams work quite well without a formally-appointed leader. Some teams elect their leader. Some, unfortunately, do have problems finding a structure that works for them. Ultimately, however, every team has one or more leaders, whether or not they're formally elected or appointed.

The Ubuntu community cannot, and does not want to, prescribe which formal structure its local teams should use. We want to document what works, and which problems to avoid.

A local community team leader should ...


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