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Adding agenda items is not restricted to the CC - any community member is encouraged to put an agenda item forward if they wish. You can use this page to nominate items for discussion by the Ubuntu Community Council. See the Ubuntu Governance page and Community Council wiki and launchpad pages for more information.

Meeting Time

The CC meetings will now be regularly at:

  • 17:00 UTC, 1st Thursday of the month
  • 17:00 UTC, 3rd Thursday of the month

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for 19th February and will be held in #ubuntu-meeting on

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General Agenda Items and Proposals

Please put a brief statement of the issue to be discussed here, and link to a more detailed description or summary elsewhere in the wiki. You can use the /talk page to write about issues listed below.

Edits to the agenda must be made 24 hours before a meeting.





Doc Team

19 Feb

Doug Smythies

QA Team

19 Feb

Documentation team report for 2014.02.19 Ubuntu Community Council Meeting.

The doc team is somewhat fragmented, with members focused on their own areas and little cross interaction. Major areas include: Ubuntu-help (unity); Xubuntu help; Serverguide; Wiki. All areas suffer from too few active contributors, as we suspect is true for most teams.

The Serverguide really needs major contributions from subject matter experts. The doc team can handle typo corrections and such, but often lack the ability or expertise to contribute for major content contribution. It should be mandatory for developers to contribute to the related area of the Ubuntu Serverguide.

Being actively involved in the doc team at a higher level is a major time commitment. Everything takes 7 to 50 times as long as one would estimate at the outset. In terms if infrastructure or tools, if something doesn’t work the time to dig into it is simply staggering.

It would help if some of the more mundane per release cycle things were done earlier in the cycle. Actually, why not have a pipeline approach, where the name of the release is known one release ahead and the simple stuff, such as the mascot creature graphic is then done at the start of the cycle, rather than the very very end.

Fixed Agenda Items

Team catch-up

We want to invite teams and boards to CC meetings to more regularly catch-up between teams. If you want your team to sign up for this, please add it to the agenda.

Things that might be interesting to talk about during these catch-ups:

  • things you're proud of,
  • reviewing team reports together,
  • outstanding things and plans for the near future,
  • things you and your team are discussing right now, want to get input on from a broader audience,
  • questions you might have.

Our current schedule:

  • Forums Council / Core Apps/Phone 6th November (./)

  • UOS Session 14th November (./)

  • Desktop / Developer Membership Board 20th November (./)

  • Ubuntu Governance 4th December (./)

  • Ubuntu GNOME / Translations Team 18th December (./)

  • Xubuntu Team / Ubuntu Studio Team 15th January (./)

  • Ubuntu Technical Board / LoCo Council 5th February (./)

  • Doc Team / QA Team 19th February
  • IRC Council 5th March
  • Membership Board / Kubuntu Council 19th March
  • Edubuntu / Lubuntu 2nd April


Starting 2008-04-15, LoCoTeam approval is handled by the LoCo Council. So please add your TeamApproval to LoCoCouncilAgenda.

Membership candidates

Starting 2008-04-15, membership applications will be handled by regional teams, delegated by the Community Council, as described at StreamlineMembershipApproval. See Membership/RegionalBoards.

Before applying for membership, please see Membership.

Previous Meetings

Full logs of previous meetings can be found at Past meeting logs.


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