Per Package Uploader Application

Who Am I

Currently working as software engineer with Canonical sustaining engineering, my primary activities are fixing bugs, making them available in stable releases through the SRU process, collaborate with upstream developers, both in the Debian Project and upstream to fix root cause bugs and make them available downstream.

I have also been packaging makedumpfile for the Debian project as a sponsored maintainer for two years and I have recently been accepted as Debian Maintainer for makedumpfile. I participate to the sosreport development and have been fixing bugs and packaging sosreport for Ubuntu and Debian.

Source Packages upoad rights requested

  • makedumpfile
  • sosreport

Contact Information


Louis Bouchard

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Ubuntu Activities

While still concentrating around Ubuntu Server and the Openstack projects I participate to some Foundation specific issues and a few kernel oriented activities, mostly around my previous kernel crash dump area of expertise.

Continuing my efforts around kernel crash dump mechanisms, I am currently working on enhancing kdump-tools functionality to enable networked kernel dumps, both through SSH and NFS.

My list of sponsored packages is various and do not only concern the two packages I am requesting PPU rights for. I think that PPU rights is the best path to gaining full Core Developer privileges in the future.

Helping others

Reporting issues and helping people do adequate diagnostics is the motivation behind my work on sosreport. I have done a sensible portion of the port of sosreport plugins to Debian and Ubuntu and I am still a major contributor to sosreport on those two projects.

I strongly believe that fixing issues as high as possible in the development chain is beneficial both to our community and to the quality of the open source ecosystem. Being part of both the Ubuntu and Debian communities is also a primary goal for me. This is why I recently completed the application and am now the official Debian Maintainer for makedumpfile the Debian project.

Some of my contributions

  • kdump-tools networked dump functionality (WIP)
  • makedumpfile Debian packaging
  • Multiple SRU
  • sosreport enablement on Ubuntu & Debian

  • Enhancements and fixes on some Openstack charms

Where I want to improve

While my packaging experience basics are now strong and solid, I do want to improve on complex packaging strategies. I also intent to improve my merge and sync skills on the two packages that I request PPU access. I want to continue some PlusOne activities around FTBS issues.

I am also commited to continue my participation in the SRU process, to continue to gain experience in the process and to become more active in bug triaging and SRU.

I am actively working on improving my Python skills and want to do more work in package autotest implementation.

What I like least in Ubuntu

Investigating failures and issues on an operating system requires systematic data gathering, tools to investigate and reliable forensics. Work is still needed on Ubuntu to make sure that these are easily available and configurable, do not require sysadmin knowledge to be provided and can be reliably analyzed. I hope to be able to dedicate more time in improving these areas, like I was able to during the R cycle with the kdump work.


If you'd like to comment, but are not the applicant or a sponsor, do it here.


Scott Moser

General feedback

I've sponsored some of Louis's work and worked on some bugs with him (BugID: 1035279). He is careful and and deliberate in his actions and responsible. His role at Canonical provides him with time to prepare uploads that are minimally invasive and consider all users.

I have no hesitation in suggesting that Louis should have the ability to upload the packages he's requested. His ability to upload will only further his skillset and his positive affect on Ubuntu.

Martin Pitt

To date (2014-06-02) I have just sponsored one rather trivial update for Louis (#799623). This went well, but one simple update is by far not enough for me to give a recommendation by myself; it might just serve as an additional data point for the DMB's consideration.

Chris J Arges

As of (2014-06-18) I've sponsored 13 different patches for Louis Bouchard. He has been very active in ensuring the many key features of Ubuntu work well and is careful, thoughtful and precise in what he does. He carefully considers any feedback and ensures that his end contribution is of the highest quality. I highly recommend him for PPU rights for makedumpfile and sosreport considering his current experience. In addition, I'd like to see him eventually apply for CoreDev.

James Page

I've only sponsored a couple of package uploads for Louis. In this context I've always found that he takes the time to understand the process (SRU in this case) and produce a high quality patch/proposal for merge.

I've also had contact with him in the context of the OpenStack charms for Juju; again I've found he takes the time to understand the root cause of problems, and comes up with appropriate fixes. I appreciate that this is outside of the context of this application but for me it demonstrates the right behaviours for upload privileges.

+1 on PPU for sosreport and makedumpfile.

Adam Stokes

Louis has been a long time contributor to upstream sosreport and while I haven't officially sponsored any of his patches I do know he takes the time to understand and process all requirements involved when preparing a package for SRU/sponsorship. I would definitely recommend him for PPU for sosreport and makedumpfile.

Sebastien Bacher

I've sponsored a few SRUs for Louis, he did good work on those and has been responsive to questions and comments. I recommend him for ppu uploads on the packages listed there

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