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Universe Sponsors Queue


  • The [https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-universe-sponsors/+subscribedbugs Universe Sponsors Queue] is used by [:MOTU/Contributing:Contributors] who have not yet been granted upload permission to the Ubuntu archives to submit changes to packages for review. It is intended to be used to solicit sponsorship of uploads for new package revisions and to request approval for sync requests. The contents of this queue are expected to include: sync requests,freeze exceptions, merge requests, and bugs for which a patch is available and has been packaged to represent a new revision for release.

Notes for Contributors

Before subscribing ubuntu-universe-sponsors to a bug, please check the following:

  • 1 Your patch is in debdiff format.
    • If it is just a patch against the source, please consider adding the "patch" tag, so that other contributors can easily find the patch and create a debdiff.
    2 The debdiff is targeted against the current development environment
    • Unless you are processing a [:MOTU/SRU:Stable Release Update], the patch should be against the current development environment. Check https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/packagename to make sure that you are working from the latest sources.

    • Check your .changes file to make sure that you have the right revision and distribution.

    3 All changes in the patch are intentional
    • Review the patch manually. If there are unexpected changes, consider removing them from the patch, either using filterdiff or manually. If you are uncertain, seek advice from #ubuntu-motu or your [:MOTU/Mentoring:Mentor]

    4 Your patch applies cleanly
    • Test your patch by downloading and unpacking the target source, and running patch -p1 ../patchname.debdiff in the package directory. There should be no errors.

    5 The Status and Assignment are correct
    • The Status should be "Unconfirmed" for bugs that require approval by ubuntu-dev (e.g. sync requests, freeze exceptions)
    • The Status should be "Confirmed" or "Triaged" for bugs that represent a new candidate revision (e.g. bugfix uploads, merges)
    • The Assignment should be "Nobody"

Sponsors Queue Processing Procedure

Once you have selected a bug, please use the following guidelines for disposition. When selecting bugs, please limit yourself to "Unconfirmed" and "Confirmed" bugs.

  • All bugs
    • Unsubscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors
    • Assign yourself
    • Set the Status to "In-Progress"
  • Bugs against packages in main
    • If unset, set the importance. (default: "Wishlist")
    • If not present, add the "patch" tag
    • Assign "Nobody" and set Status to "Triaged"
    • Add a comment including the following:
      • That ubuntu-universe-sponsors has been unsubscribed.
      • That the package is in main
      • That ubuntu-main-sponsors has been subscribed to process the request
    • Subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors
  • sync request bugs
    • If unset, set the importance. (default: "Wishlist")
    • If not present, add the "sync" tag.
    • If the sync is acceptable
      • Set the Status to "Triaged"
      • Assign to "Nobody"
      • Add a comment "sync request ACK'd"
      • Subscribe ubuntu-archive
    • If the sync is not acceptable
      • Assign the submitter and set the Status to "Invalid"
      • Add a comment explaining why the sync is not acceptable
  • Bugs with debdiffs
    • If unset, set the importance. (default: "Wishlist")
    • If the debdiff is good
      • Upload the resulting package
      • Update the status to "Fix Committed"
      • Add comment that the fix has been uploaded.
    • If additional changes to the source are planned (soon)
      • Add comment that you are working on additional changes
      • When complete, upload as usual
    • If the patch needs work
      • Set the Status to "Incomplete"
      • Assign the patch submitter
      • Add a comment including the following:
        • That ubuntu-universe-sponsors has been unsubscribed
        • The specific work that must be done for the patch to be acceptable
        • That the contributor should resubscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors when the changes are complete
  • Bugs Without debdiffs
    • If there is a patch, and no patch tag, add the patch tag
    • Assign "Nobody" and Set status "Triaged"
    • (optional) Set the Importance
    • Add a comment including the following:
      • That ubuntu-universe-sponsors has been unsubscribed
      • (optional) any notes from reviewing the patch
      • That a debdiff patch should be created prior to resubscribing ubuntu-universe-sponsors

N.B.: normal bug triage rules still apply. Inappropriate bugs should be invalidated. Already fixed bugs should be updated as Released with the release version, etc.