NEW Games

This list gives an overview of games which are not yet in Ubuntu. Perhaps you can help the MOTUGames Team to bring them into universe?

How to adopt a game

If you find a game in the list below that you would like to see in the Universe repository, you can try to package it. However, you should first search the internet to see if someone has already created a package for the game. In that case, please add a link to this wiki page. If you created a source package for the game, please add it on MOTUNewPackages and contact a Member of the MOTUGames Team.

Please note that not every game is distributable. We can only include games that are freely redistributable. This restriction excludes commercial games like Doom, Quake, and such.

The Debian wiki has explanations for why certain games cannot be included in Debian and/or Ubuntu: Perhaps we could distribute them in the Multiverse repository for Ubuntu, but this would require additional consideration. Feel free to start a wiki page documenting your investigations.

Help Needed!

This page needs your help. It has currently grown very long, and there are obviously some entries which should be moved out of this list. If you want to help the MOTUGames team, please help us triage the next section. Use the following template for each game entry (this was taken from

Game name - template

  • Home page: Home page link

  • License: License name and/or link to license text
  • Download page: url to download page

  • Description: (The best game template ever)
  • Notes: (special requirements or dependencies not in ubuntu [yet])

Please note that the license for each game is important. Many games use different licenses for their game engines and artwork, respectively. Packagers should definitely take note, as licenses play an important role in determining which packages will be included in the repositories.

Debian has done some research about games which are unsuitable for packaging; you may use this research for triaging the list of packages below:

New games currently not in Ubuntu

Brand new games with potential

Java Games

Game editors

Porting projects

Currently non-free games that could be free with work/time

Graphics for non-existant games

Only rarely do artists produce graphics before a game. Nicu (of Planet.ocal) has created art for a mr potato head game, but needs a gnome programmer. Blog entry

Games where the developers have called for help

The games listed here have a working and playable version already, they just need polishing

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