What is a .desktop file, what is it for?

These files allow smooth integration into the Gnome and KDE menu. See for more information. For examples on what a .desktop file should look like, go to /usr/share/applications in your system and open up any of the .desktop files there with your favorite text editor.

What about menu files?

It's also recommended that you write a menu entry along with a desktop entry. Menu entries specify where an application entry will appear in your desktop's menu. For example, all arcade games should fall under Games/Arcade in your desktop's menu. Therefore a menu entry for each arcade game should have section="Games/Arcade" in it's menu entry.

See on how to write a menu file. Check under /usr/share/menu in your system for examples on what a menu file should look like.

What about icons?

It's also good to add icons to go along with a .desktop file. Icons should be in xpm or png image format. See for more information. Also, take a look under /usr/share/pixmaps in your system.

How do I submit what I have?

First, it would be great to inform upstream about this and get whatever it is you have included in the next upstream release. As an interim solution until the next release is out and integrated into ubuntu properly, please also link your contribution to this page. A member of the MOTUGamesTeam will integrate it in the next upload. Additionally, if the package is also in Debian (most probably yes, check, please also file an wishlist bug in the Debian BTS for inclusion into Debian.

If you are familar with packaging and modifying packages, you may also prepare a new package and list it on MOTUToReview. A member of the MOTUGamesTeam will be happy to review your contribution.

Crimson Fields (crimson)

  • Jens Granseuer

  • Contacted by Corey Burger March 6
  • Followup needed to create file

Dosbox (dosbox)

Gcompris (gcompris)

  • Has file
  • Needs work

Hexxagon (hexxagon)

  • Erik Jonsson -

  • Contacted by Corey Burger March 6
  • Possibly included in the next version

Net Panzer (netpanzer)

Tuxkart (tuxkart)

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