The MOTU Java Growers

The MOTUJava team (aka "The MOTU Java Growers") are the people who take care of all the Java-related packages in the Ubuntu Universe.


  • Take care of all Java packages in Universe
  • Brew kaffe-ine for the Ubuntu community Wink ;)

  • ...


  • Merge Java packages in Universe, see Universe pending merges

  • Reorganize the team
  • open ppa for members to host various java packages (ie experimental, snapshot versions etc) : suggested by rzr

  • ...

Getting Involved

If you are interested to join, don't hesitate to contact ZakElep (zakame). Also, if you're in Launchpad, add yourself to the motujava Team.

Online Meetings

There's a new IRC channel on FreeNode (#ubuntu-motujava) to coordinate MOTUJava work. Don't hesitate to stop by and chat!


MOTUJava aims to maintain Java packages in the Ubuntu Universe, as well as to introduce new Java packages to Ubuntu. Still, we need directions for our work; any ideas on how to do this would be nice!

More Information


INITIAL STAGE. Please help me! Smile :)

We now have several interested members in the Launchpad team, so coordination is needed.


We hope that someday we'll have a completely free Java system in Ubuntu. Help us realize it! Smile :)

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