Main Inclusion Report for libspe2


  1. Availability:; available (intentionally) only for powerpc

  2. Rationale:

    • Needed for support of PPU/SPU multiprocessing on PS3 and Cell platforms.
  3. Security:

    • No CVE or Secunia history.
    • The user must be root or in the spu group. No privilege escalation is performed.
    • The library performs no network activity.
    • I (ColinWatson) have checked quickly over the source code for obvious badness. I see nothing especially scary, and its use is very constrained and hardware-specific.

  4. Quality assurance:

    • The package appears to work out of the box and requires no configuration. It does not use debconf. The initscripts package already takes care of mounting the spufs virtual filesystem.
    • libspe2 was packaged specifically for Ubuntu and has no Debian maintainer.
    • Upstream appears to be vigorous and competent.

    • I do not know of an upstream bug tracker.
    • The package is used on PlayStation 3 systems and other systems containing the Cell Broadband Engine to interact with its processing elements. It is specific to the powerpc architecture.

  5. Standards compliance:

    • The package complies with the FHS, Debian Policy, and library packaging standards as best as I can see (it installs a file into /usr/spu, but as I understand it that is a cross-compilation standard).

    • The one oddity I see is that it ought to use binfmt-support instead of custom registration code. I will convert it when I have time.

    • It uses standard debhelper packaging and a quilt patch system.
  6. Dependencies:

    • None outside main.
  7. Background information:



MartinPitt: approved

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