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Who Am I?

Name: Uddit Sachdev

Age: 17

Gender: Male


What do I do?

I'm involved in a few things


It's an effort to ease hardware troubles for users. This is an exciting project, because I've been watching it since it's conception. It started out in a little thread where someone commented that it would be so nice to have a central database and information source that contained various hardware. So, the Dohickey Project was born. I was determined to help it in any way possible (I used to have an ATI I'm not unfamiliar with the woes of hardware trouble). At first, I just tested it...I was exchanging emails with it's coder, Martin Owens. He was in need of a quick website to get the word out about the project.

I offered to whip one up for him using Google Page Creator. So, I did. Of course, it looked like shit, but it was something. Then, as our needs expanded, we quickly outgrew googlepages, and a new website was needed. So I put my foot down, and learned html/css. Less than two weeks later, the framework and cosmetics of the site were beginning to come together. Now things have slowed down due to my involvement in many other things (College applications, school, community service, music) and the enormous coding effort that is currently going into Dohickey. The in-progress website is located at I have since run out of time to contribute to this. So, I used to be the web designer for this project, and I still occasionally do some PR-type stuff as well.

Ubuntu Forum Ambassador Project

I got accidentally involved in this. On the forums, a thread had been created addressing the gap between the different parts of the Ubuntu community. As a solution for the distance between developers and users, a fellow forum member (Aysiu) tossed out the idea of having forum ambassadors. This idea intrigued me a lot, so I watched that thread like a hawk for a while...but nothing happened! No one was doing anything about it. I thought for sure that this project was a goner. Then a nice young man by the name of PeterGarrett came along. As he too was interested in the idea, he pushed posters in the thread to post our idea in the Bridging Ubuntu wiki.

When no one else volunteered, I said I would do it. Soon, I found myself really pushing this project. I started making threads and creating polls, and (I won't lie) it felt good to be the person that was pushing this idea and proposing that something be done about it. And I did modify the original proposal a lot, and got other people involved in it. Soon, it got to be where it is now, at a community stage, with different people working on it and trying to make it happen; myself still included. This is a cool project; check it out. I'm really proud to be able to call myself the founder of the Forum Ambassadors; it's an honor. is the official wiki page of this project.

Understanding Ubuntu

This is another project that I've founded on my own time. It's goal is to establish a source of true education for users who are thinking about switching to Linux. Everywhere I go, I see How-To's and walkthroughs, step-by-step things that tell the users what commands to paste into their terminal to get something. While these can be useful for advanced users just looking to get something done quickly, I don't think this is a good approach towards people who have never used Linux before. I think they really need to learn what they're doing, and many of them will be interested in doing just that.

This project is still in its infancy. The web site isn't complete yet. Actually, I haven't really even started on it. I've been busy doing the written work that will turn into the first piece of literature in the Understanding Ubuntu project. It's a book entitled "Switching to Linux: An Essential Guide for Every Windows User". A little cheeky, yes, but that's what it is. It spends the first 2 chapters (about 30 pages) teaching the user a bit about Linux, and Chapter 3 covers Ubuntu installation. that's where I am right now, and there's still a lot to go before I'm done.

Other Stuff

I plan on eventually working with Traverso, which is a QT based music recording application. I'm also an avid musician, poet, writer, etc. I dream of being able to use Linux for the purpose of Pro Audio (recording and mixing music) one day...and use it reliably. I do community service occasionally. I get stressed out easily and am always tired. But, at least I keep busy. And I have nothing more to say. Thanks for taking the time to read about me, and I hope you check out some of the stuff I'm working on; it's pretty cool stuff.