I, Marc Cluet, apply for Ubuntu Contributing Developer.


Marc Cluet

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Who I am

Systems Administrator and Network Engineer, right now I'm working at Canonical as Systems Integration Engineer.

Been into Linux since kernel 1.2.13 back then starting with Slackware, then I moved to RedHat Linux and played a lot with Debian as well, have managed Ubuntu Servers in scale for the last 2 years before joining Canonical.

Have been a contributor into FLOSS projects for quite a bit, had some active participation in the Linux LVM project and submitted patches to the mailman project to make it multi domain.

My main body of work is into Systems Engineering, spawning my experience across six countries.

My Ubuntu story

I started using Ubuntu Server daily almost three years ago, I was responsible of maintaining and expanding a platform with over 100 physical servers based in California, this required making new customized packages, tweaking configuration files automatically using Puppet and getting closely involved both with the PostgreSQL and the Ubuntu community.

After this experience I joined Canonical into Corporate Services in order to help integrate new packages and solutions both cloud and bare metal based into Ubuntu to give it the compiting edge and getting a stronger foothold into the cloud.

My involvement

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

I've contributed patches and extensions for cloud-init and squid-deb-proxy.

In cloud-init I expanded the puppet module in order to not just append lines to the puppet config (with possible duplicates) but to parse the configuration properly and write a new puppet config file at the end of the process with all the new key values under their correct sections.

In squid-deb-proxy I added debconf hooks to be able to disable/enable on demand the access to PPA repositories and also the ability to touch the cache ACLs for cloud enviroments.

Areas of work

My main area of work has been focused with the Server and Foundations team at Canonical, I'm one of the main developers for the Orchestra Project.

I've been also heavily involved into integrating mcollective and its plugins into Ubuntu, this has involved day to day work with Puppet Labs, package sponsoring and bug crunching.

Things I could do better

Try to avoid bad package behaviours as much as possible and learn more and more of the packaging policy while I keep contributing to Ubuntu.

Plans for the future


To keep being involved in projects to enhance the Ubuntu Server experience, introduce more Open Source projects into the Server platform and get heavily involved with the community and companies behind them.

What I like least in Ubuntu

The package review process, completely necessary but right now extremely slow due to the workload of all the parties involved.


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Jonathan Davies

General feedback

I have worked with Marc and helped him through some of the standards and policies of the community as a MOTU member. He is a fast learner and a great engineer. I think that Marc is definitely a valuable asset to the Ubuntu community.

Scott Moser

General feedback

My general experience is that Marc is a pleasure to work with. He is willing to take suggestions for improvement of his work and does a good job of ensuring that the work is of high quality.

Specific Experiences of working together

Marc has contributed to http://launchpad.net/cloud-init, adding a useful mcollective plugin. To my knowledge, that plugin is now being used by his team for some work they're doing around Ubuntu Orchestra.

Areas of Improvement

The first merge proposal for cloud-init that Marc supplied had a syntax error in it, that I mistakingly merged. Marc later fixed the issue, but obviously, syntax errors should not make it into a merge proposal.

I'm really only supplying this information as a "Areas of Improvement". Everyone makes mistakes, I don't consider this a big deal.


-- kirkland 2011-06-13 21:19:21

General feedback

Marc is most certainly deserving of Ubuntu Contributing Developer status. I trust Marc's code, packaging, and work in his areas of expertise implicitly.

Specific Experiences of working together

In the short time I've managed Marc, I've been impressed with his careful, considerate approaches to technical problems. Specifically, he has significantly tested and helped improve the packaging of mcollective, mcollective-plugins, cobbler, and orchestra.

Areas of Improvement

He has a bit more to learn about general Debian packaging practices, but he's well on his way and I fully well expect him to be a MOTU and Core Dev one day.

Dave Walker (Daviey)

-- davewalker

General feedback

Marc is an eager, and motivated upcoming developer. I first met him at UDS-Oneiric and found him to be a real asset when planning Ubuntu Server objectives for this cycle. Generally, he is a good cookie.

Specific Experiences of working together

I've worked with Marc regarding some of the Orchestra deliverables. He has sought advice when in doubt, and accepted it well. Additionally, i'm increasingly touching packages where he introduced a fix and his chages have been faultless.

Areas of Improvement

For Contributing Developer status, none. To further enhance his developer experience, he should probably have more exposure to triaging and bug fixing of archive packages. Additionally, SRU process, MIR, merges and sync's.


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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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