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= About me =
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GpgID: 337BBEF7

Linux User: #321946
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marcelomendes (at) comunidadesol (dot) org marcelomendes (at) gmail (dot) com
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Linux User: #321946
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= ubuntu-br media/graphics = = My media/graphics =
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Here are some of my works with free software tools ( temporarily disable too ) == Here are some of my Ubuntu Related media/graphics ==
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[ Gnome-Splash ubuntu-br] To see others graphics visite my homepage [[|here]] ;)
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[ ubuntu-br sample movie] === Ubuntu Business Card ===
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[ ubuntu-br wallpaper] [[|Ubuntu Business Card]] with free fonts and free format (svg) is now available.

Business Card with "No free fonts" can be downloaded [[|here]]

=== Logos ===



[[|Planeta Ubuntu Brasil]]

[[|Ubuntu Rio de Janeiro]]

=== Wallpapers ===

[[|Ubuntu Christmas]]


[[|Ubuntu-BR 3D]]

[[|Planeta Ubuntu Brasil]]

=== Splash Screens ===

[[|Gnome-Splash ubuntu-br]]

=== Videos ===

[[|Ubuntu-BR logo sample movie]]


About me

Hi, my name is Marcelo Mendes, I'm Brazilian from Fortaleza City at state of Ceará, I'm Living in Manaus since 2002 where I'm a Founding member of Debian-AM together with others friends, and currently also I am helping in the Ubuntu-BR project, with translations, and in the development of related graphical materials to the Ubuntu, Ubuntu-BR, Debian and Free Software by using only free software like Gimp, Inkscape and Blender, and I hope to contribute much more.

GpgID: 337BBEF7

Linux User: #321946


How to find me ;]

By e-mails

marcelomendes (at) gmail (dot) com

marcelomendes (at) debian-am (dot) org ( This is temporarily disable )

By Cell Phone

+55 92 9604 1532



UIN/ICQ: 106452350


x_madbot @

#ubuntu-br, #debian-br, #slackware-br

My media/graphics

To see others graphics visite my homepage here Wink ;)

Ubuntu Business Card

Ubuntu Business Card with free fonts and free format (svg) is now available.

Business Card with "No free fonts" can be downloaded here




Planeta Ubuntu Brasil

Ubuntu Rio de Janeiro


Ubuntu Christmas


Ubuntu-BR 3D

Planeta Ubuntu Brasil

Splash Screens

Gnome-Splash ubuntu-br


Ubuntu-BR logo sample movie


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