A Linux InstallFest is an event where people can bring their computers to have Linux installed by those who are familiar doing Linux installations and configuration.

As many will agree, installing any operating system is a daunting prospect for the average, non-technical computer user. As Linux rarely comes pre-installed on a computer, it means that even those who might be interested in giving Linux a try are often hesitant to do the installation themselves.

Generally hosted by a local Linux Users Group (LUG), an InstallFest can be the perfect opportunity for a new user to have Linux installed, or to simply come out and see what all the recent news is about.


I plan to have two rooms simutaniously. One for individual installations, where (hopefully) there would be one installer per installee (pc user and installer). This room would be one of the school's computer lab. The other room would be for a presentation. The topics for this presentation room can vary. For example, a group run through of How to Install Ubuntu or what to do once you have installed your new OS.


I have not decided on a date yet. I want it to be no later than a month or two from today (September 23, 2007). Any suggestions? Any available presenters? When:

In the evening?


Northern Virginia Community College: Alexandria Campus


3001 N Beauregard St, Alexandria, VA 22311


This is an event part of the Computer Science & Engineering Association


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