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   1 Jan 24 19:29:14 *	deviousdrgn is now known as Notes
   2 Jan 24 19:30:28 <Notes>	We are starting the new notes thing now...and we are going to see how it goes??
   3 Jan 24 19:31:07 <Notes>	*waits for people to to be let in the door* by steve
   4 Jan 24 19:31:55 <Notes>	First item...roll
   5 Jan 24 19:33:11 <Notes>	Martin, Aaron, Joe, Mike, Sara, Nathan, Thresa, Steve, Bradley, randy, David are present
   6 Jan 24 19:33:36 <Notes>	Installfests are topic of discussion...
   7 Jan 24 19:35:08 <Notes>	February Installfest, want it to be smallish not focus on "big" just get another one going, get people to come, not worry about advertisements
   8 Jan 24 19:37:30 <Notes>	February 23rd, 9am-5pm
   9 Jan 24 19:39:47 <Notes>	Pr Items, US magazine, by Bradley...
  10 Jan 24 19:40:09 <Notes>	If anyone did a flyer, just mention, "be careful of ice"
  11 Jan 24 19:40:28 <Notes>	A band requested to play, but we don't agree, might be too much, want a learning enviroment.
  12 Jan 24 19:41:28 <Notes>	We plan to Set up network to use gigabit. Bradly is brigining a switch.
  13 Jan 24 19:41:50 <Notes>	Please bring powerstrips but mark your stuff please...Don't want to misplace things.
  14 Jan 24 19:42:31 <Notes>	yuriy has arrived!
  15 Jan 24 19:44:21 <Notes>	Need to plan a meeting to discuss the installfest itself...Physical, and some irc...meeting...A week before. Next meeting 14th is valentines day, is bad. 
  16 Jan 24 19:46:57 <Notes>	^correct
  17 Jan 24 19:48:56 <Notes>	Meeting next week, Physical meeting at MIT JANUARY 31st. @ 7:00pm Will have irc contact for those who can't attend, Meeting only for Planning installfest.
  18 Jan 24 19:49:11 <Notes>	[Package Jams are up for discussion.]
  19 Jan 24 19:51:08 <Notes>	Package Jams is when you put package or bundle repositories for i believe multiverse type packages.
  20 Jan 24 19:51:46 <Notes>	We want a package jam, but nobody is really "expert" of it...We could do a bootstrap of a few people then pull people in as we go.
  21 Jan 24 19:52:50 <Notes>	New maintaners guide.
  22 Jan 24 19:53:34 <Notes>	"How to become a master of the universe" Should have a link to the original.
  23 Jan 24 19:54:07 <Notes>	"bite size" problem could be the easy fixes that we can practice on. 
  24 Jan 24 19:55:46 <Notes>	David is the designated person to run the [package jam] Event...Should be after Installfest.
  25 Jan 24 19:57:49 <Notes>	xavier is food not going to be ordered?  Just wondering, if you wait too long, then you'll have to wait long for the food to come.
  26 Jan 24 19:59:03 <Notes>	******Theresa remember to put on ajenda******* 
  27 Jan 24 19:59:30 <Notes>	Packaging jams should be discussed, and be sometime in March.
  28 Jan 24 20:00:38 <Notes>	MAKO Just arrived.
  29 Jan 24 20:01:00 <Notes>	***PR PERSON IS NATE***
  30 Jan 24 20:01:38 <Notes>	Bradly has a contact with the Boston Globe
  31 Jan 24 20:02:39 <Notes>	hi cdm10 I'm the note taker at the meeting, if something is discussed we can voice your idea if you had something.
  32 Jan 24 20:03:13 <Notes>	<--deviousdragen and yes
  33 Jan 24 20:05:05 <Notes>	Well, we are having a "INSTALLFEST" meeting next thursday the 31st...if you would like to be there for that meeting, in physical at MIT, or via IRC...with a note taker like I.
  34 Jan 24 20:05:39 <Notes>	It's planning the installfest
  35 Jan 24 20:08:51 <Notes>	[talking about risk involved with data loss in remote support, if needed for others...] Public relations section Remote support
  36 Jan 24 20:09:53 <Notes>	Ssh
  37 Jan 24 20:09:59 <Notes>	into someone's computer
  38 Jan 24 20:11:40 <Notes>	Once a month with foot trafic, try to do handing out fliers, if someone is interested and comes back with questions, then hand them a cd, don't hand cd's to everyone.
  39 Jan 24 20:13:27 <Notes>	We need a key signing party. Which is now on the agenda. 
  40 Jan 24 20:14:26 <Notes>	10 people, 10 copies of your finger print. More then 10 people there, it's harder to organize, can be streamlined.
  41 Jan 24 20:26:56 <Notes>	Mako went to a meeting in indiana about free softwear for K-12...the people who attended his meeting he went to that mako gave the keynote speach..."this is why it will work " "this is why it should be done" "open the floor to particular questions" Need tactical solutions for their system.
  42 Jan 24 20:27:47 <Notes>	He said that he could discuss this back and forth for 3 days, or it could be a shorter meeting. If you have too many people, it's harder to communicate how powerful this message is.
  43 Jan 24 20:28:21 <Notes>	He says "You should have a conversation with them, not a "presentation" really.
  44 Jan 24 20:29:29 <Notes>	They will be interested in "What their systems can't do already" "how it can be intergrated, into what they have already"...
  45 Jan 24 20:30:18 <Notes>	If you've already bought Windows lisences, saying "it will save on cost of windows lisences" Won't really help. 
  46 Jan 24 20:31:10 <Notes>	**If mako is aware of when this event is occuring, the speach to the school, he would be interested in attending**
  47 Jan 24 20:34:21 <Notes>	My internet nearly dropped out, so now, i'm back.
  48 Jan 24 20:34:30 <Notes>	Sales
  49 Jan 24 20:34:43 <Notes>	People want more Case Badges.
  50 Jan 24 20:35:04 <Notes>	I'm not really reading, just taking notes, you can ask questions to leftyfb and xavier
  51 Jan 24 20:38:08 <Notes>	If there is a big demand for kubuntu case badges, we could make them... 160 for the screens originally, if we needed them.
  52 Jan 24 20:39:26 <Notes>	If we wanted to organize another group buy, of 100 of the group money for more case badges. Depending on the demand of case badges, we will buy more casebadges.
  53 Jan 24 20:40:11 <Notes>	100$ of group money for case badges is going to be allocated for more casebadges.
  54 Jan 24 20:40:44 <Notes>	The set-up costs are already payed for, for the ubuntu case badges.
  55 Jan 24 20:43:17 <Notes>	xavier points out that the wear of them, isn't very good, His letters have drifted. Clear nailpolish has been suggested from avila.
  56 Jan 24 20:44:32 <Notes>	We aren't going to order more casebadges, until we have money in hand. A group buy like last time.
  57 Jan 24 20:48:24 <Notes>	[New Shirts up on topic]
  58 Jan 24 20:49:24 <Notes>	Lowell High School can't do the t-shirts anymore...
  59 Jan 24 20:50:51 <Notes>	So, we are going to do them the from the original place, with the screens already made. leftyfb is going to do a wiki, so we can collaberate at a later date. Perhaps a bleach party for ubuntu shirts.
  60 Jan 24 20:51:38 <Notes>	We could Boutique ubuntu shirts. The shirts are waxed, then bleached.
  61 Jan 24 20:52:42 <Notes>	Mako is going to get us in contact with someone to get us cd's easier though choronicle. 
  62 Jan 24 20:53:38 <Notes>	I've never seen it printed before...i'm only guessing.
  63 Jan 24 20:57:29 <Notes>	hi maccam94 i'm Deviousdragen the note taker at the meeting, if you have questions feel free to ask leftyfb or xavier. If you have anything to mention, or question of what i say.
  64 Jan 24 20:57:54 <Notes>	Toolbox is now being discussed.
  65 Jan 24 20:58:22 <Notes>	We need someone to manage the toolbox.
  66 Jan 24 20:59:11 <Notes>	 Bradly has suggested he could do that, but we are still looking for the Ubuntu VS Windows PDF that we had at the installfest, that is missing.
  67 Jan 24 21:00:45 <Notes>	xavier please post the adenda for maccam94
  68 Jan 24 21:00:55 <Notes>	*adjenda
  69 Jan 24 21:02:06 <Notes>	Next topic
  70 Jan 24 21:03:53 <Notes>	If you have something to say, voice it to leftyfb or xavier and they can bring up a topic, if you explain...We have the channel up on the large screen...
  71 Jan 24 21:07:58 <Notes>	People have been signing up for launch pad and not participating in the group, it has been shown that people feeling part of something, can eventually get involved. Can have more tags or points to see who is active or not. It encourages people to come to meetings and get active.
  72 Jan 24 21:08:57 <Notes>	It was told to martin that he has to decreese the people on launch pad, because of something. We could set up a loco team.
  73 Jan 24 21:09:45 <Notes>	Karma Page is now being worked on by Theresa....Record who is on mailing list.
  74 Jan 24 21:11:02 <Notes>	[note that we are now voicing shardz words]
  75 Jan 24 21:14:08 <Notes>	It was suggested that we remove them, but Mako, says "why?" We should let them join, but find a different way to recognize people who are "ACTIVE" opposed to just want to be part of a group, and non-active...theresa is oging to work on a karma page, which will show this, If the person is on an irc channel, at meetings, with the mailing list...
  76 Jan 24 21:14:40 <Notes>	Don't create a barrier to joining...managablitly is something that we need. 
  77 Jan 24 21:15:35 <Notes>	Perhaps Encourage an expired members availability. If You want to stay in the group...renew membership, by clicking a link.
  78 Jan 24 21:16:25 <Notes>	Click a link to re-join the group like once a year. Just to keep the list.
  79 Jan 24 21:16:51 <Notes>	Topic change...
  80 Jan 24 21:17:13 <Notes>	Talking about MAILING LIST BEHAVIOR.
  81 Jan 24 21:19:20 <Notes>	If something happens on the mailing list, that you want to call out on, Please call them out in public to the list, not in person, indirectly. It's not fair to that person to be called out on it by 16 people in one day. If you think what your going to say is too harsh, then don't.
  82 Jan 24 21:19:58 <Notes>	No hidden agenda
  83 Jan 24 21:21:24 <Notes>	Public Logging of the channel should happen.
  84 Jan 24 21:21:43 <Notes>	It should also be on the channel topic.
  85 Jan 24 21:22:50 <Notes>	We could have something that is logged, but not found in a search engine, if you have it not automatically searchable in search engines...*wonders* where we can get link logging bot, or a chat logging bot that isn't sketchy.
  86 Jan 24 21:26:51 <Notes>	Meetings 
  87 Jan 24 21:27:17 <cdm10>	Notes: Can we possibly discuss using VoIP/some sort of streaming for the meetings?
  88 Jan 24 21:27:48 <Notes>	Next meeting is January 31st for the Installfest Meeting to ONLY discuss INSTALLFEST MATTERS Which is held 7-9.
  89 Jan 24 21:27:54 <Notes>	Will be irc logged
  90 Jan 24 21:29:34 <Notes>	Installfest is 23rd of FEBUARY 9am for set-up. Starting at 10-5 For general public.
  91 Jan 24 21:30:14 <Notes>	Febury 21st. 7-9 is the next meeting. 
  93 Jan 24 21:31:09 <Notes>	We are drawing to an end.
  94 Jan 24 21:31:26 <Notes>	We suggested the voip, webcam, and other said things, haven't figured it out.
  95 Jan 24 21:34:27 <Notes> we have 2 meetings  Jan 31st for installfest discussion AT MIT, then we have a meetings Feb 21st for agenda type topics PERHAPS AT VANU. 
  96 Jan 24 21:35:36 <Notes> INSTALLFEST IS a Saturday 23rd of FEBUARY 9-6 for people setting up and packing up...general public should be directed to come 10am-5pm
  97 Jan 24 21:35:47 * Notes/#ubuntu-us-ma I"M DONE HERE!!! HAVE YOURSELVES A WONDERFUL EVENING!

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