Matthew McGowan

I am an amateur python developer and Ubuntu/Open Source enthusiast from Auckland, New Zealand.

Launchpad Profile:

I spend many a late night contributing to the Ubuntu Software Center project, mostly focusing my efforts on GUI spit and polish. I began contributing in September 2009 and have consistently worked on facets of the application up to the present day. In May of 2010, thanks to mvo putting my name forward, Canonical kindly sponsored my attendance at UDS-M.

My main contributions to Software Center have been the Location Bar & PathBar, work on the Software List View, and Gtk implementations of the Lobby and Item screens.

Going forward I plan to continue my work on Software Center with the aim of helping to make it the best software management application available! Hopefully I'll get around to expanding my horizons as far as programming languages and contributions go, but for the time being I am having too much fun helping out the fantastic Software Center crew!!

Much love, Matt

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