I'm the former head of the Ubuntu laptop team, a former member of the Technical Board, kernel developer and maintain a continued presence on #ubuntu-kernel.

Contact Information


I was present at the first Ubuntu developer meeting in Oxford in 2004, where I uploaded acpi-support and began Ubuntu's journey to being the best free software operating system to run on laptops. I worked closely with the Ubuntu kernel team for several years, primarily on improving support for mobile devices and system power management. I was also a member of the Technical Board for some time.

Future Goals

My primary interest in Ubuntu now is to make it easier for users to produce and distribute modified versions of Ubuntu without causing confusion. Ubuntu is hugely successful, and it makes sense that users want to build on top of it to satisfy needs that are outside the scope of the Ubuntu project itself. But if those users aren't careful, their users may think that they're getting "real" Ubuntu rather than the modified version. That hurts Ubuntu and it hurts users. Other distributions have isolated their branding to a small number of packages that can be easily replaced, making it much easier to create modified versions of Ubuntu. I'd like to do the work to make it as easy to do so in Ubuntu.