Ahoy, this page should probably exist (at least as much as I do).

About Me, Matthew Weaver

  • You can read more about me here:

  • You can send me crypted mail or check my signatures with PGP keyid 000126E3 (it is on all the usual keyservers)
  • I once carried solar panels up a mountain to install a wireless network repeater
  • I have used Debian for a long time on my desktop and Ubuntu (exclusively) since an early Sounder release of [WartyWarthog]

  • I help when and how I can (I am somewhat good at many things, and very good at few things)
    • I have parried double-entendres with [ColinWatson]

    • I file bug reports and whine about missing features
    • I harass friends until they understand that Ubuntu is the Right Way
    • Once I had an idea that [MattZimmerman] called 'pretty reasonable'

Ubuntu Linux Hopes

  • I want to see pfctl ported to ipfilter/iptables
  • I want to see Ubuntu-based embedded derivations bolster/replace projects like Pebble and Voyage


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