Dev Week -- Debugging program crashes -- pitti -- Tue, Jan 20

(02:59:22 PM) pitti: I just did something *incredibly* stupid
(02:59:34 PM) pitti: I deleted my talk!
(02:59:53 PM) pitti: I'm terribly sorry, I'm afraid I have to cancel this and move it to a later place
(03:01:21 PM) pitti: sorry, it's a bit too complicated to do it from scratch
(03:04:41 PM) pitti: argh, this has cost me 3 hours to write
(03:08:13 PM) pitti: I'll have it later in the week
(03:08:36 PM) pitti: seems I'll rewrite it from scratch then
(03:09:49 PM) pitti: I'm sorry everyone

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