Open Week -- Introduction and Random Q&A -- Jono Bacon and Jorge Castro -- Mon, Oct 11

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   2 [15:02] <jono> alrighty!
   3 [15:02] <jono> welcome everyone to Ubuntu Open Week!
   4 [15:02] <jono> here we are for another weekly dose of content designed to get you all excited about being part of the Ubuntu community!
   5 [15:03] <jono> just as we kick off, I want to say a big thankyou to akgraner and jcastro for working hard on putting the week together
   6 [15:03]  * jcastro waves!
   7 [15:03] <akgraner> :-)
   8 [15:03] <jono> we have done this for a number of releases now, and we have always found it a useful method of helping to get people involved in Ubuntu :-)
   9 [15:03] <jono> I just wanted to talk for a few moments before we do the general Q+A
  10 [15:04] <jono> and then we will throw it open and jcastro and I are going to answer whatever questions you like
  11 [15:04] <jono> for those of you who don't know me, I am Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu Community Manager, and jcastro is Jorge Castro who is our Ubuntu Upstream Relations Coordinator who works on my team
  12 [15:05] <jono> we both work at Canonical to help grow a strong and empower Ubuntu community
  13 [15:05] <jono> I believe Ubuntu has come a long way in recent years
  14 [15:05] <jono> when we started out we had a very clear focus - built the best Operating System we could
  15 [15:06] <jono> one designed for Linux enthusiasts and geeks
  16 [15:06] <jono> when the project started the goal was to bring real simplicity and focus in a world typically dominated by high technology
  17 [15:06] <jono> the global Ubuntu community wrapped their arms around this challenge, and it didn't take long before Ubuntu became the distro of choice for many Linux users
  18 [15:07] <jono> I would go to conferences and see pretty much everyone using Ubuntu
  19 [15:07] <jono> and throughout this time we would all feel a real satisfaction in "bringing Free Software to people"
  20 [15:07] <jono> today though, we face a much loftier challenge and opportunity
  21 [15:08] <jono> we have the potential to bring Free Software to *millions* of computer users around the world
  22 [15:08] <jono> the kind of people who have no idea what IRC is, what Linux is, how technology works
  23 [15:08] <jono> the kind of people whose priority in life is something other than computers
  24 [15:09] <jono> there are millions of end users around the world who are dissatisifed with Microsoft and Apple
  25 [15:09] <jono> they are tired of the limitations of those products, their cost, and want something better
  26 [15:09] <jono> and I firmly believe that Ubuntu can be that solution
  27 [15:10] <jono> in business circles this is typically revered to as "crossing the chasm"; a term that has become so clichéd and common that it is almost embarressing to say it
  28 [15:11] <jcastro>
  29 [15:11] <jono> but it is true nonetheless, the theory goes that there is a chasm between initial adoption (e.g. Linux users loving ubuntu) and the mass computer user base using Ubuntu
  30 [15:11] <jono> many have thought they can get over that chasm, and many have tried
  31 [15:12] <jono> to build a bridge of the chasm required new thinking and new things - it needs marketing towards those users, technical features that are missing that they need, support resources, and more
  32 [15:12] <jono> and while many have failed to get over, it is typically because they only have limited resources and can't put every step into the bridge that is needed
  33 [15:12] <jono> well, we are differet
  34 [15:12] <jono> different
  35 [15:12] <jono> we can
  36 [15:13] <jono> we can build every step because we have an incredible global community
  37 [15:13] <jono> and to build each step required many different disciplines - we need developers, packagers, testers, translators, support folks, advocates, and more
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  39 [15:14] <jono> getting over the chasm isnt for people who are ultra-technical, it is not just for people with a Canonical paycheck
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  41 [15:14] <jono> it is something that every single one of you can help with
  42 [15:14] <jono> Ubuntu Open Week is all about that
  43 [15:14] <jono> it is all about enabling you folks to build a step in that bridge to get us over the chasm
  44 [15:14] <jono> and the opportunity i intense - just think about the world enjoying Free Software via Ubuntu
  45 [15:15] <jono> think of the money saved by charities and education, the better reliance on better technology, safer computing with a barely recognizable virus threat, software that everyone has a right to, that everyone has an opportunity to make better
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  47 [15:16] <jono> this is why we are here, and this is why every single one of us is critical to our success together in bringing Free Software to the world
  48 [15:16] <jono> to do this we have an awesome new release, the Maverick Meerkat
  49 [15:17] <jono> and this week we have a week jam packed with awesome sessions, and you can see the list of sessions at
  50 [15:17] <jono> so, without further ado
  51 [15:17] <jono> let
  52 [15:17] <jono> lets get into the Q+A
  53 [15:17] <jono> want to kick it off jcastro?
  54 [15:17] <jcastro> sure
  55 [15:18] <jcastro> Since 10.10 just came out, why don't you guys pile up some questions for the bot in -classroom-chat
  56 [15:18] <jono> jcastro, why don't you explain how to ask questiond
  57 [15:18] <jcastro> let me explain how questions work
  58 [15:18] <jono> :)
  59 [15:19] <jcastro> In #ubuntu-classroom-chat you ask the ClassBot a question
  60 [15:19] <jcastro> but he needs it in a certain format to work
  61 [15:19] <jcastro> so you do it in this format:
  62 [15:19] <jcastro> ClassBot: QUESTION: What's your favorite Iron Maiden album?
  63 [15:20] <jcastro> and then classbot will present them in this channel and we'll answer them
  64 [15:20] <jcastro> (all questions qill be asked like this for the entire week)
  65 [15:21] <jcastro> (ok the bot seems busted at the moment, give us a second)
  66 [15:22] <jcastro> ok, so you don't need the classbot bit
  67 [15:22] <jcastro> just like this:
  68 [15:23] <jcastro> QUESTION: What's Ubuntu?
  69 [15:25] <jcastro> (technical difficulties, bear with us for a moment)
  70 [15:25] <ClassBot> Fifthmarch asked: Can I get the final release of 10.10 by updating the beta version I have
  71 [15:25] <jono> Fifthmarch, yep
  72 [15:25] <jono> :)
  73 [15:26] <jcastro> Just use the normal update-manager and you'll be set
  74 [15:26] <ClassBot> guiwegian asked: How to upgrade to 10.10 from 10.4 with update manager?
  75 [15:26] <jcastro> In order to upgrade you can use the update manager
  76 [15:27] <jcastro>
  77 [15:27] <jcastro> this page has all the information you need for upgrading your version of ubuntu
  78 [15:28] <ClassBot> ChrisWoollard asked: When will the wiki.ubuntu theme be changed to the modern style?
  79 [15:28] <jono> ChrisWoollard, yep
  80 [15:28] <jono> it is planned
  81 [15:28] <jcastro> in fact
  82 [15:28] <jcastro> you can play with it now by choosing "Ubuntu Light" theme in your preferences
  83 [15:29] <jcastro> it's just not turned on by default while the web team fixes the little bugs
  84 [15:29] <ClassBot> Pernig asked: It took quite a long time for me to upgrade to Meerkat, and it doesn't seem that much different. What's new in this release?
  85 [15:29] <jcastro> jono: this would be a good time to tell us what your favorite features for 10.10 are
  86 [15:30] <jono> Pernig, all the details are on of the new features
  87 [15:30] <jono> personally I love:
  88 [15:30] <jono>  * Unity in the netbook edition - an awesome new interface for Ubuntu
  89 [15:30] <jono>  * the sound indicator menu improvements
  90 [15:30] <jono>  * a raft of Ubuntu Software Center improvements
  91 [15:30] <jono>  * lots of new software updates
  92 [15:30] <jono>  * shotwell is now shipped with Ubuntu
  93 [15:31] <jono> those are my main ones
  94 [15:31] <jcastro> I personally dig updates in the installer, and the nice new checkbox to get multimedia support in the installer.
  95 [15:31] <jono> what about you, jcastro?
  96 [15:31] <jono> :)
  97 [15:31] <jcastro> Did you know we do multitasking in the installer?
  98 [15:31] <jcastro> after you partition, it starts installing
  99 [15:31] <jono> :)
 100 [15:31] <jcastro> while you're filling out your name and all that
 101 [15:31] <jcastro> instead of just sitting there!
 102 [15:31] <jono> that's cool
 103 [15:32] <ClassBot> drcooper asked: Is this session for technical questions? (I dont think so...if not sm1tell these people)
 104 [15:33] <jcastro> We can answer some technical questions (based on our knowledge), if something is more detailed you can probably get better support on the ubuntu mailing lists, ubuntu forums, or
 105 [15:33] <jcastro> mostly this is an intro session this hour-long block to kick off the week
 106 [15:34] <jcastro> If the bot doesn't ask your question in here it means we have no clue. :)
 107 [15:34] <ClassBot> daker asked: When will the ubuntu forums got a new light theme ?
 108 [15:34] <jcastro> jono: any idea about this one? I know they are working on it.
 109 [15:35] <jcastro> it's a little complicated for the forums because they are also in the process of a major update to the forum software, so for them it's not just a simple matter of updating the theme
 110 [15:35] <jono> jcastro, I am not sure, I know it is on the TODO list for the team
 111 [15:35] <ClassBot> Marceau asked: my ubuntu pc is on a very slow connection, but I donwloaded the 10.10 iso. Is it possible to upgrade using the iso?
 112 [15:36] <jcastro> It sure is, stick the CD in and choose upgrade
 113 [15:36] <jcastro> (You'll have to boot off the CD)
 114 [15:36] <ClassBot> OwaisL asked: At last UDS we had a session by the name, "making nautilus awesome" or something but nothing happened to nautilus. Are there any plans for Natty? Why not just ship nautilus-elementary?
 115 [15:36] <jcastro> That's a good question; I happened to be at that session
 116 [15:37] <jcastro> The improvements to nautilus likely weren't done due to lack of resources
 117 [15:37] <jcastro> (this is why we're always looking for developers)
 118 [15:37] <jono> OwaisL, shipping Nautilus Elementary is not as simple as just packaging it
 119 [15:37] <jono> naultilus is a key part of the desktop and changing it is risky
 120 [15:37] <jcastro> as far as what file manager to ship, that is a decision the desktop team makes
 121 [15:38] <jono> I am not sure why there are no major changes to nautilus though
 122 [15:38] <jcastro> (convincing the -elementary folks to get their fixes upstream to nautilus would be a win for everyone)
 123 [15:38] <ClassBot> RibPreto-Brasil asked: Is it out of question to move back window buttons to right or do you consider that sometimes?
 124 [15:39] <jono> let me take this one
 125 [15:39] <jono> the change of the the windows buttons was a cosmetic change with a functional benefit made two releases ago
 126 [15:40] <jono> those of you who use Unity can see why the buttons on the left are a benefit - the buttons merge into the top panel and save a lot of space
 127 [15:40] <jono> there are no plans to move the window buttons
 128 [15:40] <jono> and frankly, I think we have bigger fish to fry and problems to solve :)
 129 [15:41] <ClassBot> sandersch asked: Will Ubuntu Netbook Edition be pre-loaded on netbooks?
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 132 [15:41] <jono> sandersch, yep
 133 [15:41] <jcastro> You can already get UNE preloaded today from vendors like system76 and zareason
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 135 [15:42] <ClassBot> awk asked: Is the ubuntu font available for other platforms as well ?
 136 [15:42] <jcastro> certainly
 137 [15:42] <jcastro> it's just a .ttf
 138 [15:42] <jcastro> see for more details and downloads
 139 [15:42] <ClassBot> ChrisWoollard asked: Will you switch to Libre Office in 11.04? (What is your take on that openoffice / libreoffice issue?
 140 [15:43] <jcastro> Mark mentioned that we would be supporting it in the press release. I suspect this issue will be discussed at length at the Ubuntu Developer Summit
 141 [15:43] <jcastro> keep your eyes on to see when libreoffice will be discussed, I'm sure it will be announced when the final decision is made
 142 [15:44] <jcastro> That is something I personally am looking forward to in 11.04!
 143 [15:44] <ClassBot> professorb asked: Lucid was a milestone release and I feel Meerkat hasn't changed a lot, but that's because Lucid was so good, it feels like Ubuntu isn't making as many major changes because it's got a lot of things right, but with that in mind what's next for Ubuntu, what big changes can come?
 144 [15:45] <jcastro> As the above answer, this is discussed at UDS
 145 [15:45] <jcastro> I don't want to dodge the question but for real, we'll know in about 2 weeks. :)
 146 [15:45] <jcastro>
 147 [15:45] <jcastro> this page has the incoming blueprints to what's coming up to be discussed at UDS
 148 [15:46] <jcastro> please feel free to read and subscribe to those to get a feel for what's going on in the project
 149 [15:46] <ClassBot> drcooper asked: Why isnt Lubuntu be an official variant yet?
 150 [15:46] <jcastro> This is something a lubuntu person can probably answer better
 151 [15:46] <jcastro> I do know that they've been putting a bunch of work into becoming an official variant
 152 [15:47] <jcastro> we always try to encourage people who build on ubuntu to get involved, so I am looking forward to having another ubuntu
 153 [15:47] <jcastro> I personally just tried lubuntu on an older machine and it is pretty slick, that team is doing a great job!
 154 [15:48] <ClassBot> AndrewMC asked: On linux mint they have xchat preinstalled that once opened would join you automatically into their on and off topic rooms, has Ubuntu ever considered doing this?... i personally think it is a good idea as it would make it easier for people to get support
 155 [15:48] <jcastro> We used to install xchat by default many years ago
 156 [15:48] <jcastro> but these days IRC is a little bit too geeky for a general purpose OS to ship out of the box
 157 [15:49] <jcastro> some people are really passionate about this (for understandable reasons)
 158 [15:49] <jcastro> but currently we offer empathy for rudimentary support of IRC in the default install
 159 [15:49] <jcastro> and for users that want a more hardcore client (like irssi, ftw) they can install it via the ubuntu software center.
 160 [15:49] <ClassBot> nisshh asked: It was mentioned some time ago, that 'Windicator's' would replace where the window button's used to be, is this planned for Natty?
 161 [15:50] <jono> nisshh, not sure
 162 [15:50] <jono> windicators was an idea Mark had but I have seen little implementation work on it
 163 [15:50] <ClassBot> There are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.
 164 [15:51] <ClassBot> nisshh asked: Will there be a fixed-width version of the new Ubuntu font for terminals?
 165 [15:51] <jcastro> I know the team is currently focused on the current font
 166 [15:51] <jcastro> I don't /believe/ there will be a fixed-width version (remembering from the original session)
 167 [15:52] <jcastro> this might be a good question to ask on the ayatana mailing list
 168 [15:52] <ClassBot> ChrisWoollard asked: Can you give me a job at Canonical? ;)
 169 [15:52] <jono> nisshh, there is a monospace font I believe
 170 [15:52] <jono> ChrisWoollard, apply :-)
 171 [15:52] <jcastro>
 172 [15:53] <ClassBot> drcooper asked: Is it possible to get apt work like a bittorrent system so as to speed up installations? I am referring to a model in which users will be seeding packages.
 173 [15:53] <jcastro> we've been on-and-off looking at ways to improve the download performance for users
 174 [15:53] <jcastro> there have been rsync-like proposals for apt
 175 [15:54] <jcastro> all of those ideas are currently still being discussed, I don't think anyone has figured out exactly how to do delta-debs in a way that is useful for people without causing more load on the mirrors
 176 [15:54] <jcastro> so the best answer to this is "not yet"
 177 [15:55] <ClassBot> RibPreto-Brasil asked: It is extremely awful that the installer uses Internet connection without user permission. Cant you let the 'first update' after first boot, and warning user about that??
 178 [15:55] <jcastro> Please file a bug in the installer or mention it on the ubuntu-devel list. The package name is "ubiquity"
 179 [15:55] <ClassBot> There are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.
 180 [15:56] <jcastro> woo, no more questions, the queue is empty
 181 [15:56] <jcastro> ask them while we have time!
 182 [15:56] <jcastro> (Remember that at this time on Thursday Mark will be holding a session just like this)
 183 [15:56] <jcastro> to answer your questions that we might not have been able to give you good detail on
 184 [15:56] <jcastro> !q
 185 [15:57] <jono> also folks, I do weekly videocast Q+A sessions on ustream
 186 [15:57] <ClassBot> ChrisWoollard asked: When is Ubuntu One for windows due?
 187 [15:57] <jono>
 188 [15:57] <jcastro> According to U1 team member Josh Hoover:
 189 [15:57] <jcastro> beta within the next couple o weeks!
 190 [15:58] <jcastro> keep an eye on their blog for details
 191 [15:58] <ClassBot> ewaldmire asked: is any work being done to get Ubuntu on HP and more Dell systems?
 192 [15:58] <jcastro> Last question
 193 [15:58] <jono> thanks for all the questions folks
 194 [15:58] <jcastro> Yes, we're always working with OEMs to get ubuntu on more machines
 195 [15:58] <jono> our OEM team are always actively working with vendors
 196 [15:58] <jcastro>
 197 [15:58] <jcastro> see this page for details
 198 [15:59] <jcastro> ok, that's it, whew
 199 [15:59] <jcastro> Thanks everyone for kicking off the week
 200 [15:59] <jcastro> we'll be having specific sessions the rest of the week
 201 [15:59] <jcastro> check the schedule
 202 [15:59] <jcastro> and feel free to participate, and thanks for coming!
 203 [16:00] <jcastro> up next Laura is going to educate us on how to improve your LoCo team

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