About Myself

I was born in Pondok Gede, Indonesia, 24 years ago. Currently I'm living in Bandung, West Java, still in Indonesia. I'm starting using linux since 2004, and using a full Ubuntu System since 2006 (edgy eft) until present (Karmic Koala). I have a lot of interest in debian packaging and kernel development. I have join on the ubuntu kernel team mailing list, but I have not post any meaningful post yet. Smile :-)

I am one of the BlankOn developer. I have role in the BlankOn packaging team. I build the debian package for specific BlankOn package, import the ubuntu package to be BlankOn package, maintain it, and test it before it uploaded to the server.


  • Email: <rametux AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

  • GTalk: rametux AT gmail DOT com
  • Y!M: mbay_muhammad
  • IRC: RameTux or rmTx on network

  • Launchpad Page

Ubuntu Activity

  1. Spreading Ubuntu spirit through the Indonesia LoCo Team

  2. Translating Ubuntu apps into Indonesia.
  3. Helping people in #ubuntu-id and the forum as moderator.


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