The gesture framework and related projects are open source. If you would like to contribute, you need to do the following:

  1. get a Launchpad id

  2. sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct

  3. sign Canonical's contributor agreement

  4. abide by the coding styles and best practices of the related upstream projects
  5. pick some tickets

  6. start hacking!

Contribution Review Policy

All non-trivial branches need a code review.

Examples of trivial branches:

  • Translation updates
  • Release changes (e.g. version bump)

Examples of non-trivial branches:

  • Normal bug fixes
  • Features
  • Refactors

Review Flow

  1. Develop a contribution as a bzr branch
  2. Push it to the relevant project space on (e.g. lp:~<your username>/ginn/my-new-feature)

  3. Propose merging the branch into the project trunk
  4. A separate member of the gesture team will review the branch
  5. Once approved by any member of the gesture team, anyone may merge the branch into trunk

Reference Materials

  • Multitouch/Definitions - A glossary of terms we use when discussing gesture technology, both at the user-experience and engineering levels


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