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I've been using Linux since 1993, which is before version 1.0.

I've been using Ubuntu since a Hoary install in 2005. This same install has been upgraded to Breezy, then to Dapper and Edgy. I did a fresh install for Feisty, then upgraded all the way to Lucid. I think the upgrade process is getting a lot smoother now.

I live in Cardiff in the UK, and I'm a software developer. I work on SIP in Java, specifically a SIP Servlet server. Since April 2009, I've been concentrating more on testing rather than developing.

I'm now running 5 machines on Ubuntu, 2 in work and 3 at home. My work laptop is a dual boot with Windows XP, but I've just removed the dual boot from my work desktop. At home, I've been Windows-free since about 2007, when my Win2k install failed to boot one day. My wife asked how long it would take me to fix it, then opted to just keep using Ubuntu.

Things I've done for Ubuntu

  • Answering questions on the Ubuntu-UK mailing list and in IRC (very occasionally).
  • I've helped translate Ubuntu into British English.
  • I've uploaded my GPG key and signed the Code of Conduct.

Future Plans

  • Dw i'n trio dysgu cymraeg yn well i helpu cyfieithu Ubuntu.
  • I think I just volunteered (*gulp*) to help co-ordinate the Ubuntu-UK ISO testing effort.
  • I'm going to apply for Ubuntu membership.
  • I'm thinking about packaging the Dive Into Python 3 HTML book, in the same way as the Dive Into Python book has been packaged.

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