Approval Application for New Hampshire LoCo Team (ubuntu-us-nh)

The NH Local Community Team is a social group that does stuff. We get together for pizza and beer, fix someone's laptop, and talk about issues we've run into with the latest Intel drivers.

Our state-wide LUG is largely focused on presentations and driven by the interests of long-time Linux users. While some LoCo members have been working to help the LUG appeal to more casual users (ie, the new GamingSIG) our team continues to fill a much-needed niche for a social group for new users and those supporting and promoting Ubuntu in the community.

Now a year in forming and clearly stable, we're applying to be approved as an official LoCo team.

Key Details

  • Date - 2009-05-06

  • Team Contact - Nicole Henninger <>

  • Membership - 41 as of 2009-04-22

  • Mailing List - ubuntu-us-nh on

  • IRC - #ubuntu-us-nh on Freenode


  • Ubuntu NH Remix (a subteam)

  • upgrading Manchester cooperative network members with Ubuntu for IPv6 support (NH LoCo as a "community partner")

  • Software Freedom Day 2009
  • much more pizza and beer (goes great with Ubuntu!)


Early in our forming we had a conflict with our original team leader who was not willing to resolve the issues locally. At the advice of our team advisor (Elizabeth Krumbach) we went through the community resolution process and he was removed by the Ubuntu Community Council last Summer.

We learned from this the value of the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and the role of Ubuntu leaders. Now we're an open group, anyone can join and there is nobody to ask permission from. Instead, members talk about what they're interested in doing and either get support from their peers to make it a team activity or pursue it solo. Those of us with access to team resources (Nikki, Arc, Broderick) understand our roles as helpers, not permission-givers.


(semi) Monthy Meetings

The team has had 8 in-person monthly meetings in the past 12 months (plus 2 working group work parties).

Public Events

Our largest public event was Software Freedom Day 2008 (photos). We had 10 people from the LoCo (plus 5 from GNHLUG) in front of the New Hampshire State House in Concord, NH. Helium Balloons, two tents, a CD burning/printing station, a podcasting recording system, and one of our members in a Chewbacca costume. We passed out over 150 CDs, most burned on-site.

Three of us hosted an October GNHLUG meeting and gave a presentation on Intrepid Ibex which their president wrote a summary of. There was a lively discussion about the future of Ubuntu and excitement in how it was rapidly expanding the number of Linux users.

We've also been involved in a handful of other events.

Release Parties

  • Hardy Heron - summary

  • Intrepid Ibex - belated party after the Dec'08 monthly meeting

  • Jaunty Jackalope - after May'09 monthly meeting

Other Stuff

Gatherings for beer, pizza, a camp-out, helping new users with Ubuntu problems, and handing out CDs.

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