NOTE: This project is now effectively obsolete. CoreyBurger is acting as the Marketing Team's Liaison with the Doc Team and hopefully, this will provide us with the content we need for most of our projects.

A Project of the MarketingTeam : Project Lead: LloydHardy : Project Members: Pete Daniels


  • To represent the needs of the New User with regard to infomation provision
  • To seek out which information is most interesting to New users
  • To propose implementation of this new-found information


It seems apparent that New Users may not understand fully the capabilities of Ubuntu. Finding out what is important to them is paramount. We need to look at what knowledge is required to make a transition to Ubuntu as the primary operating system and how we can communicate this to the new user.

What Users Want

* To Create, Edit and Save Office Compatible Documents


As the research operation commences, findings will be posted here. Please add any major influences of What Users Want above. Your help is appreciated and welcomed.

Join Us

Please join our team here: MarketingTeam and add your name to the list at the top of this page. We are an open team, inviting all members of the community - new and old to join.


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