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Contributions to Ubuntu

Highlights of my contributions to Ubuntu include bug triaging, documentation, en_CA translating, answer tracking, and a hint of testing.

Bug Triaging

I'm a member of the Ubuntu Bug Control team, the Ubuntu BugSquad and 5-a-day. A list of bugs related to me can be found here. I'm involved in weekly Bug Days, and gave a helping hand to set up a bug day. My work bug triaging has also earned me a spot on the Ubuntu QA team.



As a member of the Ubuntu Documentation Students team, I work as a Technical Reviewer. My job is to go through the documentation pages, and fix grammatical, spelling, and other technical errors (see /DocumentationTeam/TechReview). My reviewing work can be found here.


I'm also involved in a bit of work for the Launchpad Documentation Team. I am a member of launchpad-doc, and currently am working on reviewing and editing various pages on the Launchpad Documentation.


Finally, I'm involved in Leonov documentation, and I'm a member of the leonov-doc-team on Launchpad, with rights to upload to the bzr branch.

Translations on Launchpad

I am also a member of the en_CA Translation Team. I have translated over 10,000 strings to date. My translating work can be found here.

Answer Tracking on Launchpad

My answer tracking work can be found here.

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