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Ubuntu NC LoCo Team IRC Meeting - May 20, 2010


Open Items


  • individual advocacy - What are you doing to get the word out?
  • Team advocacy - What is the team doing to get the word out?
    1. Located the founder of NC LoCo's Facebook page, Adam Petaccia. Any one know him? Chatted briefly on Facebook. Asked about gaining control of FB LoCo page. No response yet. -- john-johnghormley 2010-05-20 22:30:09

    2. Improving plan for publicity of LoCo events currently presented on a wiki page -- john-johnghormley 2010-05-20 22:30:09

    3. Offered support to CharLUG for an Installfest they are planning in 6 wks to 2 mos. Have requested Ubuntu Live CDs from Amber. -- john-johnghormley 2010-05-20 22:30:09


  • Outreach to rural areas
    • Established a plan for reaching rural areas

    • Plan is being implemented by Advocacy

Team Approval

New Items


Reminder about next Meeting

  • Date, Time, reminder that everyone can add to agenda, and link to agenda Location


Meeting opened by _marx_ at 22:59

  • <_marx_> hey

    <jcg2> getting a jump on the time, huh? *grin*

    <_marx_> must be lag, i have, or had, 1900

    <_marx_> who wave for who's here for the meeting

    <jcg2> +1

    <jcg2> this could be a very short mtg

    <_marx_> [topic] individual advocacy

individual advocacy

  • <_marx_> anything crazy to report here

    <_marx_> okay...

    <handheldCar> I'll contribute if I have anything.

    <jcg2> LOL @ handheldCar

    <_marx_> [topic] team advocacy

team advocacy

  • <jcg2> It's on the agenda ..

    <jcg2> but I contacted the fellow who started our Facebook page ...

    <jcg2> He has not replied whether he will give us an administrator seat on the page ...

    <_marx_> when was this?

    <jcg2> couple of weeks ago or more, as I recall

    <jcg2> got a response to a msg I sent him on FB

    <jcg2> msg'ed him again to inquire as above and heard nothing yet

    <jcg2> But first response took nearly two months

    <_marx_> dang

    <_marx_> i've sent him email and FB messages

    <jcg2> guess his PC is slow

    <handheldCar> lol yeah that must be it Wink ;)

    <handheldCar> could be mia

    <jcg2> Kinda wonder if there was some riff early in the Loco as he dropped out after being very involved

    <jcg2> #2, I am updating the publicity plan to be more specific regarding publicity for individual events

    <jcg2> Hope it to be used as a guide for publicity of Loco events, whatever they may be.

    <jcg2> Will likely be a work in progress for a while, however.

    <_marx_> [idea] boiler plate templates for various events

boiler plate templates for various events

  • <jcg2> good idea ... will take that approach

    <jcg2> #3 Have approached the Charlotte LUG re: the installfest they are planning ...

    <_marx_> do they have a location?

    <jcg2> Will supply them with Ubuntu Live CDs and will be present whenever the event takes place...

    <jcg2> no location or date as yet

    <jcg2> LUG is reforming and there seems to be some struggling to get their feet under themselves again

    <jcg2> Amber will be supplying Live CDs for me to take to event...

    <_marx_> hum, the lifetime of a LUG...

    <jcg2> Would welcome anyone who might entertain going to Charlotte with me whenever the event takes place ..

    <jcg2> will provide more info when I know it

    <_marx_> cool

    <jcg2> -- end of my team advocacy report --

    <_marx_> i've found location to be the most difficult part

    <jcg2> I can understand that

    <_marx_> [topic] Projects rural outreach, road show

Projects rural outreach, road show

  • <jcg2> Haven't done much more in terms of rural outreach lately..

    <jcg2> spent most of my time trying to contact LUGs and developing relationship with them

    <jcg2> They are key to implementing the outreach plan so indirectly I have been working on that item

    <handheldCar> would y'all like me to e-mail my old classmate and ask if he'd like to start a LUG?

    <jcg2> sure .. where?

    <handheldCar> pitt/beaufort counties. although I sent an email to the list a few months ago, I never asked in facebook group.

    <handheldCar> the only person on the list was too busy w/ grad school

    <jcg2> I would be happy to work with anyone wanting to start a LUG ..

    <handheldCar> ok I'll do those two things

    <jcg2> Identifying participants is difficult but doable in most areas

    <_marx_> jim brady is starting one in Marion

    <_marx_> he's a fedora guy but makes good coffee

    <jcg2> Hmmm... glad to hear that ... don't think I know him, however

    <jcg2> Put him in contact with me. Maybe we can work together to assist both of us

    <olympus> coffee is a major food group

    <_marx_> I added the FB group to one of those advocacy wiki pages you made jcg2

    <jcg2> OK, thanks ... I guess I missed that, but I appreciate it

    <_marx_> if Marion wasn't a county seat it would count as rural Wink ;-)

    <jcg2> LOL, I think it can count as rural regardless ... is there a college or university there?

    <_marx_> nope

    <handheldCar> would y'all be interested in getting schools to adopt foss as a 2ndary long term project?

    <jcg2> rural, then

    <jcg2> absolutely

    <_marx_> [topic]new items

new items

  • <jcg2> handheldCar, absolutely

    <handheldCar> there's a 2009 self video about it. brian somebody from va

    <handheldCar> oh no that's virtualbox

    <jcg2> handheldCar, you have the link for the vid?

    <handheldCar> yep getting it

  • <handheldCar> http://ia311036.us.archive.org/2/items/SouthEast_LinuxFest_2009_Videos/Chad_Wollenberg_SouthEast_LinuxFest.ogv

    <handheldCar> chad

    <jcg2> OK, got it

    <jcg2> Will review it and see what we might derive from it ..

    <jcg2> handheldCar, you have any ideas you want to share?

    <handheldCar> I stress secondary, long-term back-burner stuff b/c it's an involved process that he describes, including going to board meetings.

    <jcg2> Yep, won't happen overnight that is certain .. but with school budgets being cut now, the timing is right

    <_marx_> good point handheldCar

    <_marx_> perhaps we could facilitate sharing...

    <_marx_> what works to gain access in one county may work in a nother

    <jcg2> that's very likely true, _marx_

    <jcg2> we need to record & document the experiences we have initially for use later

    <jcg2> wiki pages would be a grand place to do that

    <_marx_> hate to say it but political contacts can help too

    <jcg2> definitely!

    <handheldCar> Chad mentioned anyone who can give a good sales pitch would be helpful.

    <_marx_> well that's not me

    <jcg2> btdt, often

    <handheldCar> me neither

    <jcg2> I love being put on the spot in front of an audience

    <handheldCar> great!

    <jcg2> That's been a large part of my career

    <jcg2> I'm sure there are others who would function in that environment just as well

    <jcg2> maybe even better

    <jcg2> [idea] Investigate proposing FOSS to school systems in NC

Investigate proposing FOSS to school systems in NC

  • <_marx_> thanks jcg2

    <jcg2> we gotta start somewhere

    <_marx_> ubuntu user days is coming up june 5

    <jcg2> successful or not, it could be a fun project

    <jcg2> what is UUD?

    <_marx_> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays

    <jcg2> LOL .. you and amber

    <_marx_> wha?

    <jcg2> never answer a question directly that you can instead provide a URL for

    <_marx_> oh gee, rtfm 2010 eh Wink ;-)

    <jcg2> LOL

    <jcg2> So are we planning to do anything for UUD?

    <handheldCar> oh that's an IRC thing

    <jcg2> And if we are, why was it not as agenda item tonight? Smile :)

    <_marx_> some blog pr would be good; looks like instructors are still needed too

    <_marx_> because i didn't add it to new items

    <alinuxfan> hi al

    <alinuxfan> all*

    <_marx_> hey alinuxfan

    <jcg2> alinuxfan, hello

    <jcg2> OK, so any action items for UUD?

    <_marx_> i still haven't signed up...last time i did cli basics

    <jcg2> put that down as an action item for you then

    <_marx_> a personal one

    <jcg2> Hey, it's good advocacy stuff

    <_marx_> yep

    <jcg2> needs to show in the minutes and in our action items!

    <jcg2> [action] _marx_ to sign up for UUD basic cli instructor

    <_marx_> [action] _marx_ to sign up for UUD basic cli instructor

_marx_ to sign up for UUD basic cli instructor

  • <handheldCar> I think that's very helpful and a little fun too.

    <jcg2> *grin*

    <_marx_> instructors are still needed so if you think you can do an hour on irc on some basic to medium topic...

    <jcg2> How to turn on the switch of your PC, maybe?

    <handheldCar> I probably could. LOL

    <_marx_> not that basic Wink ;)

    <_marx_> time

    <_marx_> er, date

    <alinuxfan> i don't know where the off button is on my computer...oh well, i guess I will find it when I need it

    <_marx_> aye de mi

    <jcg2> alinuxfan, sign up from my upcoming class

    <_marx_> all yall need to keep your day jobs

    <jcg2> what else do we have on the agenda tonight?

    <handheldCar> 10.04.1 is due sometime in July.

    <jcg2> I need to get outa here soon and don't want to miss a thing

    <_marx_> i think that's it

    <handheldCar> I'm about to run an errand, too.

    <_marx_> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 23:59

People Present

  • _marx_
  • jcg2
  • handheldCar
  • olympus
  • alinuxfan

Actions Recorded

  • _marx_ to sign up for UUD basic cli instructor