Work in progress: If you can contribute or add information, please do.

Here you should provide a summary of your group over a couple of short paragraphs.

Key Details


Here you should provide a list of things you plan on doing. Include links to where these are discussed online and on mailing lists.

  • Example item - here I am listing an activity on the roadmap.

  • Another item - here is another item on the roadmap.


Release parties

Several events, including release parties. See full list of events here.

  • Maverick Release Party
  • Lucid Release Party
  • Karmic Release Party

PR / marketing

PR-related work listed here.

IRC meetings

Meeting logs from IRC meetings are available here.

List here activities that the group has already done. Again provide links to online discussions, reviews, blog entries etc:

  • Example activity - here I am listing an activity.

  • Another activity - here is another item.


  • List/link to release parties properly.
  • Someone should rewrite the release party pages to contain both a section on planning as well as a short summary or report on how it went. Does anyone have pictures from these events?
  • Write more in detail about the interview.
  • Fill in roadmap for plans we have for ubuntu-no, or individuals have for contributing to ubuntu.e
  • Can someone find the old application which got us approved in the first place, and sum up how when have progressed since then (goals reached etc)
  • Anything else which should be added. See Irish Team's application or other applications for inspiration.

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