One Hundred Papercuts

To triage is to make a listed bug ready to be fixed by a developer:


  • 🔧 It isn't a support request.

  • 💿 There's no evidence that the software has been installed from a third party or personal archive.


  • 💻 It contains enough information as far as possible.

  • 🎯 The title is specific and meaningful.

  • 🔳 The panel hasn't any obvious error for you.

  • 🐾 There isn't any obvious duplicate.



  • 🔓 Make it public if needed (carefully).

  • 📨 Ask to report upstream if needed.

  • 📤 Set its status to triaged if appropriate.

If at any point there's missing information:

  • Set the bug status to incomplete.

  • Ask the bug reporter to provide the information, and to set the bug status back to confirmed when done.

Wink ;) If you need to clarify specific doubts, you can have a look at the detailed triaging guide.

Wink ;) If you want to triage for this project, you can do by joining the Papercuts Ninjas.

Wink ;) If you want to triage for Ubuntu, you can do by joining the Ubuntu Bug Control team.

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