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Packaging Branches

Ubuntu Server Dev

Packaging for the main Ubuntu packages can be tracked in the branches of the Ubuntu Server Dev Team. Branches names are formatted as lp:~ubuntu-server-dev/$openstack-component/$openstack-release, ie: lp:~ubuntu-server-dev/nova/folsom. Note that branches for the current development OpenStack release will map to the packaging for the current Ubuntu development release (Folsom -> Quantal).

Proposed Packaging Branches

The majority of the packaging work we do takes place in the -proposed branches of OpenStack Ubuntu Testing Team and are formatted as lp:~ubuntu-server-dev/$openstack_component/$ubuntu_release-$openstack_release-$proposed, ie: lp:~openstack-ubuntu-testing/nova/precise-folsom-proposed. Changes made to these packaging branches get immediately incorporated into our automated package builds and integration testing.


Packaging bugs should be filed in Launchpad and marked as affecting the corresponding Ubuntu package.

To contribute packaging fixes, base your changes on corresponding branch in the Proposed Packaging Branches--not the Ubuntu Server Dev or main Ubuntu archive branches. The branch may contain a changelog entry with an 'UNRELEASED' series name. Please document your changes within that block and provide any relevant bug numbers. If approved, a member of the OpenStack Ubuntu Testing Team will merge the change into the -proposed branch. After merging, the change will get coverage in CI (automated builds, integration testing, PPA uploads) and subsequent upload into the Ubuntu Archive and/or Cloud Archive.

For security reasons, membership to the OpenStack Ubuntu Testing Team is restricted, however, individuals who show sustained, quality contribution may be considered.

Continious Integration

For updated status of current package builds and deployment tests, see Ubuntu QA Jenkins Dashboard


The resulting binary packages from the automated CI builds get uploaded to various PPAs depending on the upstream release and branch.

Testing packages are provided for testing and evaluation use only. They come without support or guarantees.

Folsom Trunk Testing PPA

We are currently building Folsom packages for both Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10. Packages are uploaded to different release pockets in single PPA. This PPA should serve as a installation source on both Ubuntu releases for Folsom testing packages. These PPAs may lag behind upstream branches depending on the state of PPA build queues or any pending build faiulres.

In addition to the core Openstack packages, this PPA is also kept up-to-date with new dependencies that are either making their way into the main Ubuntu archive (for 12.10 and beyond) or will be satisfied by the Cloud Archive (in the case of 12.04 LTS).

Essex/Stable Testing PPA

Packages are built for new commits to the stable/essex branches of each core component in Essex. These are uploaded to a PPA to be used for smoke testing the stable/essex branch before pushing updates into the Ubuntu SRU Queue

Ubuntu Cloud Archive

Please see The Ubuntu Cloud Archive

More Info

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