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The 15.04 OpenStack Charm release includes updates for the following charms:

  • ceilometer
  • ceilometer-agent
  • ceph
  • ceph-radosgw
  • cinder
  • cinder-ceph
  • glance
  • hacluster
  • heat
  • keystone
  • neutron-api
  • neutron-openvswitch
  • nova-cloud-controller
  • nova-compute
  • openstack-dashboard
  • quantum-gateway
  • rabbitmq-server
  • swift-proxy
  • swift-storage
  • percona-cluster



To upgrade an existing deployment to the latest charm version simply use the 'upgrade' command, e.g.:

juju upgrade cinder

Neutron Gateway

The quantum-gateway charm has been renamed 'neutron-gateway' for the 15.07 charm release; to upgrade existing quantum-gateway charm deployments please use:

juju upgrade --switch cs:trusty/neutron-gateway quantum-gateway

This will switch the deployment of the quantum-gateway charm to the new charm name.

New Charm Features

Deployment from source


The following charms now have support for deploying OpenStack directly from git repositories:

  • cinder
  • keystone
  • glance
  • nova-cloud-controller
  • nova-compute
  • neutron-api
  • quantum-gateway
  • neutron-openvswitch

This feature is enabled by using the new 'openstack-origin-git' configuration option; this can be used to configure a minimal or expanded list of repositories to collate and install - see the README in each charm for specific details.

Further deploy from source enablement is expected during the 15.07 charm development cycle.

NOTE: Current support extends to deployment of Icehouse and Juno from source repositories; Kilo support is not yet complete but will be delivered as a stable update between now and the 15.07 charm release.

Deprecation Notices


15.04 is the last release of the 'quantum-gateway' charm; for 15.07 it will be renamed 'neutron-gateway'. Migration instructions will be provided for 15.07 release.

MySQL HA with Ceph

The original HA implementation of OpenStack used the MySQL charm in-conjunction with Ceph to provide a traditional active/passive shared block device HA mysql option.

Percona XtraDB Cluster, as provided by the percona-cluster charm, provides an active/active MySQL configuration with no requirement for a shared block device.

Users of the original MySQL HA option should migrate to a Percona XtraDB Cluster deployment between now and the 15.10 charm release, where support for MySQL with Ceph will be removed.

hacluster - default transport

NOTE: Originally planned for 15.07 release, deferred

For the 15.04 charm release, the hacluster charm will continue to use multicast as its default transport option for cluster communications.

Unicast is generally more universally usable across all Juju providers - we'll be switching the default for 15.10 including automatic migration and re-configuration of existing multicast clusters. Instructions will also be provided for users who wish to continue to use the multicast transport option.

nova-cloud-controller and neutron-api charms

Management of neutron configuration and services will be removed from any nova-* charms for the 15.10 charm release.

This means that the neutron-api principle charm needs to be deployed to run the neutron-server service and if openvswitch is being used then neutron-openvswitch subordinate charm needs to deployed and attached to the nova-compute charm. This is a fully supported migration path for existing deployments not using these charms.

The nova-compute charm now has an option called 'manage-neutron-plugin-legacy-mode'. The default value for this option is True but as of 15.10 this will switch to False which will disable the management of neutron services by default.

Bugs Fixed

For the full list of bugs resolved for the 15.07 release please refer to