Ubuntu OpenStack Version Tracking

Ubuntu and OpenStack release a new version every six months at approximately the same time. Therefore, each Ubuntu release includes a new OpenStack release by default. Each OpenStack release is also backported to the previous LTS via the Ubuntu Cloud Archive (UCA).

For example, Ubuntu Disco includes Stein by default. Stein is also backported to Bionic via the Stein UCA.

For a package to land in the Stein UCA it lands in Disco first and then is backported to the Stein UCA, ie: disco->stein-staging->stein-proposed->stein-updates, which is also how you can read these reports.

Note: Technically, and to be more specific, package updates land in this order: 1. disco-proposed, 2. stein-staging, 3. stein-proposed, 4. disco-updates, 5. stein-updates. However when Disco reaches end-of-life, Stein package updates will be uploaded directly to the Stein UCA.

Version tracking reports are continuously published for each OpenStack release, showing the current package versions that are available for the corresponding Ubuntu release and those that are available for the prior Ubuntu LTS release via UCA pockets:

The columns in these reports show the current package version for:

  1. Corresponding Ubuntu release (i.e. standard Ubuntu archive; updates pocket)
  2. UCA staging PPA - used for staging packages updates (sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-cloud-archive/train-staging)

  3. UCA proposed pocket - used for testing package updates (sudo add-apt-repository cloud-archive:stein-proposed)

  4. UCA updates pocket - released packages (sudo add-apt-repository cloud-archive:stein).

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