Ubuntu Pakistan LoCo Team Approval Applicaton

Date - 12th October 2006

Ubuntu-Linux Pakistan Team Contact - Fouad Riaz Bajwa <>

Title of Team: Ubuntu-Linux Pakistan LoCo Team

Established: November 2005

Formal Activities: April 2005

Nationwide Activities: August 2005

Mailing List Activities: August 2005

International Activities: November 2005

Membership - As of 1st September 2006

Ubuntu-Pakistan Team Launchpad Active Members: 12 direct members

Ubuntu Urdu Translation Team Launchpad Active Members: 38 direct members and 42 people are members in total

Official Mailing List Members: 715 members as of 12th October 2006

Mailing Lists

Official Ubuntu Pakistan LoCo Team List: Official l18n Urdu Translation Team List:

IRC - #ubuntu-pk Freenode


1. Nationwide Ubuntu-Linux Promotion Efforts: FOSSAC'2005 National FOSS Awareness Campaign August 16-19, 2005 A nationwide FOSS and Ubuntu Linux promotion campaign using FOSS and Ubuntu-Linux to combat Software Piracy in collaboration with: > Ubuntu & Canonical > Ubuntu Pakistan LoCo Team > UNDP-APDIP-International Open Source Network > University of the Punjab > Punjab University College of Information Technology > Pakistan Software Export Board, Open Source Resource Centre, Ministry of IT & Telecom, Government of Pakistan > Provincial Government: Department of Education, Department of Law and Order, Department of Information Technology, Punjab Information Technology Board, Government of the Punjab - 7000+ Visitors educated about Ubuntu-Linux as an alternative to software piracy and recieved free Ubuntu CDs. - 4800+ Participants from 506+ organizations trained and certified on the installation and usage of Ubuntu-Linux with each participant recieving a free Ubuntu-Linux CD and Anti-Software Piracy Kit. University of the Punjab donated 600 computers, 8 computer labs, exhibition area, 1 Master Ubuntu Trainer, 22 Co-Trainers and 600 Training and Exhibition Student Volunteers for the event. Event recieved coverage in National and International media. Documentation: FOSS-Rising Feature Report: FOSS-Rising Feature Report Pictures Section:

Linux Pakistan User Group Announcement

UBUNTU Trainings Statistics

Total Enrollment = 5474 People

On Spot Enrollment = 3149 People

PUCIT Student Enrollment = 2325 People


Outside Visitors Trained = 4879 People

Males = 3578 People

Females = 1301 People

Visitors trained below the age of 10 Years = 4 People

Visitors trained above the age of 50 Years = 8 People

Total No of Organizations/Institutes Trained on Ubuntu-Linux = 512

Total Regional Records = 4 Children between the age of 6-8 years certified as Ubuntu-Linux Users

Campaign Media Coverage:

- Daily Nation:

- Daily DAWN: Software campaign - National; August 20, 2005

- Pakistan News Tribune: FOSS awareness campaign at PUCIT, Thursday July 14, 2005 (0054 PST)

2. International Ubuntu-Linux Promotion Efforts FOSSAC Case Study at WSIS, Tunisia 2005 This case study was also presented to the world as a key example at the ITU-UN WSIS 2005 World Summit on the Information Society, Tunisia. News Release from WSIS: "On another front, nearly 5,000 people in Pakistan – most notably women — have been trained to use free and open source software, said Fouad Bajwa of Pakistan’s Free and Open Source Foundation (, who added that with UNDP and government support, the NGO was promoting "ICT literacy, fluency and education" through software awareness campaigns and measures to combat software piracy."

3. Participation with Ubuntu-Foundation and Canonical Ltd. International Activities Ubuntu Asia Business Tour Launch from Pakistan Assissted Canonical Ltd.[Mark Shuttleworth, Jane Silber and Sarah Haskey] and Ubuntu to launch their Ubuntu Asia Business Tour Launch from Pakistan at Lahore, Pakistan on January 18-19th 2006. Organized launch ceremony and tea at the Governor of the Punjab Secretariate, Government of Pakistan in collaboration with Pakistan Software Export Board, Open Source Resource Centre, Ministry of IT & Telecom, Government of Pakistan, Department of Education Government of Punjab and 30 Businesses concerns from the local the Information Technology Industry. One to one meetings were organized with Mark Shuttleworth and Jane Silber.

- Ubuntu-Announcement

- Ministry of IT & T, Government of Pakistan Announcement Title South African Venture Capitalist visit to Pakistan, Start Date Monday, 02-Jan-2006 Expiry Date Tuesday, 31-Jan-2006

- UNDP-IOSN International Open Source Network Announcement

4. Ubuntu Localization in to URDU Language In the start this research focuses on Ubuntu Linux that is a Free and Open Source Software that leads to the solution of above-mentioned problems. It is 100% free to download and install and can possess a large user base on the Internet to help with technical support. Moreover, the Urdu Linux Localization Project is aimed at people with understanding of Urdu to fully benefit from the latest technology.

Documentation: - Urdu Linux Localization Project Presentation

- Urdu Linux Localization Project Steps

5. Promoting Ubuntu-Linux and Canonical in Mainstream Media in Pakistan - Tune your brains, by Fouad Riaz Bajwa

  • Open source software has gradually made its way across the shores to Pakistan. It is not only major organisations but also interested individuals that can benefit massively from its arrival

- The open and closed case by Nizar Diamond Ali

- My Ubuntu experience, by By Noumaan Yaqoob

- On the Ubuntu Mailing List

6. Go Ubuntu - Online Free and Open Source Software Awareness Campaign GO UBUNTU & SPREAD THE WORD - FIGHT SOFTWARE PIRACY!

- At Ubuntu Pakistan

- FOSS in South Asia | BYTES FOR ALL

- Ubuntu LoCo

- Archives

6. Promoting Ubuntu-Linux in South Asia This is being done through the BytesForAll South Asia FLOSS Consortium that has 45 members from various 7 country Ubuntu LoCo Teams in South Asia at:

7. Ubuntu Linux in World Bank Projects and Government of Pakistan Activities Recently completed a 47 page Research Report Document on FOSS and Ubuntu-Linux TCOs for a World Bank incepted report on launching almost 4000+ or more telecenters in Pakistan that would run localized versions of Ubuntu-Linux Desktop/Servers and Edubuntu as opposed to Microsoft. The report is undergoing project approvals and I will be probably called in to run pilots. Might need support from Jono Bacon and technical support team at Canonical. Ubuntu-Linux Pakistan LoCo Team will be supplying Ubuntu Linux free of cost to run on refurbished computer machines that will be procured by the government. This in return will help deploy more telecenters. We are also looking into ways that we can financially sustain a localization project in regional languages so that Ubuntu is made available in Urdu language as soon as possible. Mark and Jane have not been informed as of yet until we have received approval from World Bank and the Government towards the finalized use of Ubuntu. Microsoft is also butting in on somehow to get us sidelined but that shouldn’t matter since we did a solid job as opposed to their part. Fouad Riaz Bajwa managed to arrange all the financial costs involved on this research activity from his pocket in order to get a solid base for Ubuntu available in the government. Telecenter project partners include Intel, Ministry of IT, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Pakistan State Oil, Agha Khan Foundation. Will keep you posted, will also send in a pdf copy of the World Bank report, the included partners in the report for FOSS are: Ubuntu, Canonical, UNDP-APDIP, IOSN International Open Source Network, iFOSSF International Free and Open Source Software Foundation and FOSSFP: Free and Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan.

8. BBC World Service Urdu Interview on the occasion of Software Freedom Day 2006. Fouad Riaz Bajwa and key IT industry professionals gave an interview in local language Urdu to the the BBC World Service Radio Broadcast. Fouad emphasized about the spirit of FOSS and Ubuntu and their potential benefits for Pakistan and as a means to combat software piracy as well as give the users the Freedom of choice to choose the software that is best and safe for them. BBC has an MP3 file that is in Urdu and its size is 3MB. I will see if I can get it for you.

9. Ubuntu mentioned in the Spirit of the FOSS Movement by Fouad Riaz Bajwa in the International Development Magazine i4D Online. Article on FOSS in I4D Magazine July 2006 I4D Title of article: "The spirit of the FOSS movement" By Fouad Riaz Bajwa This article shares perspectives from the ‘Spirit of FOSS’, an understanding that the FOSS movement members share globally and can be accessed at: Online Version: PDF version:

10. Over 200,000 Two Hundred Thousand CDs Shipped to Pakistan by, informed by Jane Silber upon Fouad Riaz Bajwa's request.

11. Over 15,000 locally produced Ubuntu versions 4.10, 5.04 and 6.06 CDs distributed throughout the country with support of Ubuntu, Canonical Ltd. and Government of Pakistan.


Fouad Riaz Bajwa will continue to promote Ubuntu-Linux nationwide and in South Asia through the following channels: 1. International Development Programmes in Pakistan including Telecenters in Pakistan 2. Government of Pakistan 3. Provincial Governments 4. Public and Private Sector Organizations 5. IT Industry, ISVs and Hardware Vendors 6. Schools, Colleges and Universities 7. Civil Society Fouad's activities include frequent visits to vendors, to Government Officials, talks and speeches at various seminars and workshops.

Fouad will also make arrangements with ISVs and Hardware Vendors as Mark Shuttleworth has requested him to manage such parties for the future Canonical Ubuntu Tour.

Continue regular Notices and information updates with Pakistan Community on Ubuntu-Pk list

Noumaan Yaqoob has setup and leads the Ubuntu l10n Urdu Translation Team for localization of Ubuntu into Urdu. Everyone will participate in growing the volunteers as well as managing the Urdu Word Bank with Waqas Toor.

Initial Guideliness for earlier hacks to localizing Ubuntu into Urdu Language leading to

More people invited and joined the translation efforts from other FOSS Projects:

Urdu Work Bank Proposal to Support Ubuntu-Linux Urdu Translation Activities [Wed Aug 30] The Translation team has created a Urdu Language Word Bank for supporting Ubuntu-Linux Translation in to Urdu Language so that 1. Ubuntu Translators can ask questions about how to translate some word. 2. Ubuntu Translators can search the word bank 3. Ubuntu Translators can freely add new terms 4. Ubuntu Translators can share how they are using these terms in which open source software and where. Thus the team can have more than one translation for a word or phrase so that people can choose what suits them. Or we can recieve comments from users about what they think of the quality and usablity of a particular phrase.

GNOME into Urdu Translation Activities

Waqas Toor will continue to localize the Ubuntu Drapper Server and Desktop Guides in the local language Urdu so that we can extend these guides to people who cannot understand English.

We need to sort out the Ubuntu-Pk website and maintain user blogs and technical support. Localization of the website is also an important issue that needs to be catered to. Request for transfer of hosting sent to Matthew Nuzum through Jono Bacon

We need to get our official team status. Request sent to Jono Bacon, request being filed.

Seminar scheduled for after Ramadan at Comsats to give an introduction on Ubuntu-Linux and how volunteers can join the Ubuntu-Pakistan Team and Translation Team Localization Efforts.


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