The request to reinstate is already on the Ubuntu Request Tracker as Ticket 4530. You can use ubuntu | ubuntu as the username and password to monitor the progress.

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Scripts Installed

The main page of our website would be served by Drupal and themed with Ubuntu LoCo Drupal Theme.

A selection of modules would be available to us, but unauthorized ones would have to be tested and approved by Canonical SysAdmins before we could install them.

The choice of Drupal for our script is, apparently, the most logical solution. Not only is it preferred by other LoCos, but it's also encouraged due to the already available LoCo tools.


Like most LoCos, the feed aggregator would be installed on a subdirectory, e.g. and updates triggered by a cron rule.

Configuration's done manually, but we may be able to create a Drupal module to add, remove, and edit user entries graphically. We're quite certain that this would be a welcome addition to existing LoCo tools.


I made the mistake of forgetting to backup the files of our wiki before I went on Sabbatical last year (2008), and it has costs the community significant amount of files and data. To prevent history from repeating itself, I push for the exclusive use of, instead of setting up another wiki. This will also benefit the whole Ubuntu community as a whole since all our data/content would be globally available.


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