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   1 === ubottu changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 28 May 21:00 UTC: Server Team | 29 May 01:00 UTC: Americas Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 29 May 13:00 UTC: Desktop Team | 30 May 12:00 UTC: MOTU | 31 May 12:30 UTC: Forum Council | 04 Jun 16:00 UTC: LoCo Council
   2 * lukehasnoname says hi
   3 19:58	pedro_	ahoj!
   4 * ogasawara_ waves
   5 * cgregan waves back
   6 20:00	heno	hey!
   7 20:00	davmor2	Good evening everybody :)
   8 * stgraber waves
   9 20:01	bdmurray	hi
  10 * heno tries the bot
  11 20:02	heno	#startmeeting
  12 20:02	mgunes	hi all
  13 20:02	davmor2	no bot :(
  14 20:02	sbeattie	hey
  15 20:03	heno	hope everyone who was at UDS made it home ok
  16 20:03	Seeker`	broken bot - sorry, I've got exams at the moment, i'll fix it when they are over
  17 20:03	mgunes	I'm fine, except the UbuFlu :)
  18 20:03	heno	Seeker`: thanks, no worries
  19 20:03	pedro_	I'm just with a bit of Ubuflu ;-)
  20 20:03	bdmurray	+1
  21 20:04	cgregan	I must be lucky...no Flubuntu here
  22 20:04	stgraber	Ubuflu is over for me :) but I was only in Prague for a few days
  23 * heno is UbuFluFree :)
  24 20:04	cgregan	I even shared a plane with MattZ
  25 20:04	davmor2	I'm not :D
  26 * pedro_ spreading lysol
  27 20:04	lukehasnoname	What meeting is starting?
  28 20:04	stgraber	lukehasnoname: QA team
  29 20:04	lukehasnoname	ooo!
  30 20:04	sbeattie	I'm finally recovering from the Prague Plague...
  31 20:04	heno	cgregan: heh, you finally met Matt on the plane home? :)
  32 20:05	lukehasnoname	This isn't on the calender
  33 20:05	cgregan	heno: yes...kept my distance though ;-0
  34 20:05	lukehasnoname	or is it
  35 20:05	mgunes	lukehasnoname, it's secret, don't tell anyone :p
  36 20:05	lukehasnoname	@schedule
  37 20:05	ubottu	lukehasnoname: Schedule for Etc/UTC: 28 May 21:00: Server Team | 29 May 01:00: Americas Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 29 May 13:00: Desktop Team | 30 May 12:00: MOTU | 31 May 12:30:  Forum Council | 04 Jun 16:00: LoCo Council
  38 20:06	heno	jcastro: you know your way around the Fridge right? Could you look at getting the QA team meeting added on a rolling basis?
  39 20:06	lukehasnoname	So the first step to being an "Ubuntero" / contributor is universe/multiverse package management?
  40 20:07	heno	I seem to remember the calendar needed hand-cranking each month or something
  41 20:07	jcastro	heno: I'll look into it
  42 20:07	heno	jcastro: thanks!
  43 20:07	jcastro	I /think/ they need to be added manually
  44 20:07	heno	ok, let's start
  45 20:07	heno	topic: Intrepid QA schedule
  46 20:07	heno	please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/IntrepidSchedule and raise any objections
  47 20:08	heno	thanks bdmurray for updating it for Intrepid
  48 20:08	pedro_	looks fine to me
  49 20:08	bdmurray	There is still some filing in to do of the focus
  50 20:09	pedro_	the developer sprint will be between the 14 and 18 of July, right?
  51 20:09	lukehasnoname	1)What is SRU verification?
  52 20:09	lukehasnoname	briefly. I know I'm new, and I don't want to take too much time
  53 20:09	davmor2	Looks good
  54 20:09	heno	we should have a point for test case review
  55 20:10	stgraber	lukehasnoname: Stable Release Update verification
  56 20:10	bdmurray	lukehasnoname: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates
  57 20:10	heno	1-2 weeks before Beta IMObefore Beta
  58 20:10	cgregan	heno: I agree.
  59 20:10	bdmurray	week 20?
  60 20:10	bdmurray	so they get reviewed with Alpha 6?
  61 20:11	heno	sure, ~September 18th seems good
  62 20:11	bdmurray	or 21 after UI freeze?
  63 20:11	heno	after UI freeze, before beta some time
  64 20:12	heno	we should perhaps allow a week for that process
  65 20:12	bdmurray	I updated week 21 w/ test case review
  66 20:12	heno	Alpha 6 is a good time to confirm that its A-ok
  67 20:12	heno	thanks
  68 20:13	heno	that's all I can see for now
  69 20:13	heno	please raise further feedback on the qa list or at next weeks meeting
  70 20:13	heno	topic: Intrepid QA specifications
  71 20:14	heno	we should update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Specs for Intrepid
  72 20:15	heno	deadline is June 5th but allow some time for review
  73 20:15	heno	so we should try to get specs in place by Tuesday in the Review state
  74 20:16	mgunes	do we have a list of prospective spec titles/stubs?
  75 20:16	heno	topics from here http://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/uds-intrepid/ don't all map well to specs
  76 20:16	mgunes	indeed
  77 20:16	heno	mgunes: right, so some rejigging will be required
  78 20:17	heno	I'll start updating the spec wiki page with my take on that, but please also add specs you are leading / involved in
  79 20:17	heno	some can be recycles from last cycle
  80 20:18	stgraber	I'll be quite busy with exams next week so I'd really appreciate anyone helping me spec the QA-Website, QA-Portal, Package website and Brainstorm specs. I'm not sure of the status of the QA-Tracker spec at the moment
  81 20:18	heno	like the desktop testing one
  82 20:18	stgraber	QA-Website, QA-Portal and QA-Tracker need a spec, not sure about the two others (Brainstorm and app website)
  83 20:19	heno	stgraber: I can help with the QA specs
  84 20:19	mgunes	stgraber, I can probably help if you share all your local UDS Gobby sessions that I couldn't save :)
  85 20:19	heno	jcastro: I assume you'll keep in touch with stgraber and nand Re the brainstorm stuff
  86 20:19	jcastro	heno: yep I was just writing the mail in fact
  87 20:20	heno	ah, yes, please help fill the gaps of lost gobby docs generally!
  88 20:20	heno	jcastro: cool!
  89 20:20	heno	so at next weeks meeting we'll focus on getting the specs wrapped up
  90 20:21	mgunes	I'm hoping to implement a "tester weather report" that I talked briefly about at UDS; will add to the specs page once I have a rough spec + some initial feedback
  91 20:21	stgraber	mgunes: the gobby session for Brainstorm and AppWebsite are on the wiki, not sure about the QA-Portal one (I may still have it somewhere here)
  92 20:21	heno	(I'm also emailing and phoning various people about this this week)
  93 20:21	lukehasnoname	how many of you actually went to UDS?
  94 20:21	bdmurray	lukehasnoname: probably all the ones talking
  95 20:21	lukehasnoname	o_o
  96 20:22	lukehasnoname	I'm alone in my absence
  97 20:22	heno	we had a good QA showing indeed
  98 20:22	mgunes	stgraber, I'd appreciate qa-portal one if you can find it
  99 20:23	davmor2	lukehasnoname: your not I wasn't there either :(
 100 20:23	heno	any more questions about spec writing?
 101 20:23	stgraber	mgunes: I can't find it on gobby, the wiki or my hdd but I think I emailed it to cr3 so I should find it in my sent mails :)
 102 20:23	sbeattie	mgunes, stgraber: I might have it
 103 20:24	heno	topic: Promoting and tracking the use of proposed
 104 20:24	mgunes	stgraber, sbeattie, if you do, please forward to me or ping me (and let's use a standard namespace on gobby.ubuntu.com next time)
 105 20:24	stgraber	sbeattie: cool, mine is pre-UDS so I only have the bits discussed at FOSSCamp :(
 106 20:24	pedro_	yay for proposed packages
 107 20:24	sbeattie	that was the extending-qa.ubuntu.com session, right?
 108 20:24	heno	please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed
 109 20:24	stgraber	mgunes: I put the one I have in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/FossCamp/
 110 20:24	stgraber	sbeattie: yes
 111 20:24	pedro_	i should blog about that...
 112 20:25	mgunes	stgraber, thanks
 113 20:25	sbeattie	stgraber: yeah, I have it, I'll email.
 114 20:25	heno	note that my test of Apport failed - does anyone know more about that?
 115 20:25	bdmurray	heno: its /etc/default/apport now
 116 20:25	lukehasnoname	hardy proposed is for the point release?
 117 20:25	stgraber	heno: what failed ? did you see the point I added to your instructions ?
 118 20:25	heno	If a restart is required I should add that to the page
 119 20:26	stgraber	modifying /etc/default/apport and running /etc/init.d/apport restart should start it
 120 20:26	pedro_	an apport restart should do the trick
 121 20:26	pedro_	right
 122 20:26	heno	stgraber, bdmurray: I did that
 123 20:27	heno	ah! we need to add the /etc/init.d/apport step
 124 20:27	davmor2	heno: I just ran the commands and nothing happens
 125 20:27	bdmurray	heno: how did you get the smaller picture, it's not obvious to me at the moment
 126 20:28	heno	ok, it works now. I'll update the instructions
 127 20:28	heno	bdmurray: the thumbnai? resize in gimp :)
 128 20:28	heno	thumbnail even
 129 20:28	bdmurray	ah, I thought it was some wiki magic
 130 20:29	stgraber	bdmurray: would be too easy :)
 131 20:29	davmor2	bdmurray: no just a lot of time in the gimp and a line of text a mile long ;)
 132 20:30	davmor2	guys I still can't get apport to run :(
 133 20:30	lukehasnoname	its legs are tired
 134 20:30	heno	what do people think of tracking -proposed usage in this way? See: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/proposed-tracking/+bugs
 135 20:31	heno	If we agree that it's sane I'll blog about it later
 136 20:31	heno	mgunes: could you echo that in a forum thread as well?
 137 20:32	stgraber	looks good to me
 138 20:32	mgunes	heno, will do if we decide to go on with it
 139 20:32	heno	mgunes: I actually stole your idea of using a forum sticky with me too comments
 140 20:32	bdmurray	Did we have some discussion about tagging proposed package crashes somehow?  If so that should be in those two bug reports.
 141 20:32	davmor2	Looks good but I don't seem to be able to enable apport still :(
 142 20:33	heno	but I though LP would be good because testers really should have an LP account and have uploaded a HW profile
 143 20:33	mgunes	heno, cool; improvised solutions can work better than elaborate ones :)
 144 20:34	heno	bdmurray: perhaps we should also link to bug filing guidelines
 145 20:34	mgunes	heno, but what would be the "more automated solution" mentioned at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed ?
 146 20:34	heno	mgunes: we discussed at UDS to use popcon to collect the info
 147 20:34	heno	(opt-in obviously)
 148 20:35	heno	but we'll look closer at that post hardy.1
 149 20:35	mgunes	ah, ok, I remember
 150 20:35	heno	sbeattie has looked at the code a bit
 151 20:36	heno	ok, we seem agreed. I'll go ahead with that
 152 20:36	heno	please help seed the bugs with your registrations!
 153 20:37	heno	bdmurray: will you add the tag and bug filing doc links to the bug descriptions?
 154 20:37	heno	bdmurray: use whatever tag convention you feel is appropriate
 155 20:37	bdmurray	heno: sure
 156 20:37	heno	thanks
 157 20:38	heno	topic: Can people check out the files under [WWW] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Includes please? -- davmor2
 158 20:38	mgunes	heno, there's yet no way to query one's own uploaded hardware info (or whether it's uploaded at all) in LP right?
 159 20:38	heno	mgunes: you have to check the non-published URL
 160 20:38	lukehasnoname	Guys, quick question: Hypothetically, if someone designed a website for Ubuntu that had a system integrating bug tracking, error reporting, wiki, brainstorm, member information, etc., do you think Ubuntu would ipliment it?
 161 20:38	heno	on the form https://launchpad.net/~<launchpad-id>/+hwdb-submissions
 162 20:39	davmor2	mgunes: probably not but if your a tester then you can always add your HW spec to your tracker account and that can
 163 20:39	lukehasnoname	*implement, I'm smarter than I spell
 164 20:39	pedro_	isn't the last test on the Tomboy page a bit generic?
 165 20:39	heno	lukehasnoname: why would you want to reimplement that?
 166 20:40	mgunes	heno, found it right after asking, thanks :)
 167 20:40	pedro_	i mean, that's the goal for almost all the UI applications
 168 20:41	davmor2	cool :)
 169 20:41	lukehasnoname	I admit I am no expert at navigating the different sites. Perhaps it is my ignorance. However, it seems that the layout and the ways in which things are done are thrown together
 170 20:41	heno	writing test cases can be hard because you run out of new things to test after a while -- I'm sure additions are welcome :)
 171 20:42	lukehasnoname	If there were a more structured, planned setup, things might be more navigable / easier to maintain
 172 20:42	heno	I know, I've written some and you find yourself stumped for coming up with interesting ways to test even the simplest applications
 173 20:43	sbeattie	davmor2: cgregan has some stuff on the wiki about testing mobile apps, might be able to steal specific tests from that.
 174 20:43	lukehasnoname	Now that Ubuntu is becoming larger in the community, it is not so hard to make a plan on a professional, deliberate web environment.
 175 20:43	heno	sbeattie: he and davmor2 have actually worked together on those :)
 176 20:43	davmor2	sbeattie: I been working on them with him :)
 177 20:44	lukehasnoname	If I'm hijacking the meeting, I'll stop, I'll just draw up specs myself and see where things go. thanks for bouncing my ideas.
 178 20:44	heno	I think the new test case structure and layout generally rocks!
 179 20:44	heno	though a bit more detail would help in many cases
 180 20:45	heno	pedro_: could you do a review of the desktop cases and add some more steps?
 181 20:45	pedro_	heno: sure, will do it
 182 20:45	heno	thanks
 183 20:45	pedro_	np :-)
 184 20:46	heno	ok, any other topics?
 185 20:46	lukehasnoname	Now how do I contribute to testing?
 186 20:46	davmor2	I feel a 3
 187 20:47	lukehasnoname	er, register for it?
 188 20:47	heno	lukehasnoname: what kind of testing?
 189 20:47	heno	Hardy updates, ISO testing, or mobile perhaps? :)
 190 20:48	heno	https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing is a good place to start reading
 191 20:48	lukehasnoname	in the testing cases for install and desktop
 192 20:48	cgregan	For mobile: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cases/UMEdesktop
 193 20:49	heno	lukehasnoname: that's install, so you'll need to register at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/
 194 20:49	lukehasnoname	Let me clarify: Are those for people to test their own software for their own sake, or for testers to verify and report back to Ubuntu QA?
 195 20:49	heno	we actually have proper test tracking for that :)
 196 20:50	heno	to report back that the updated/installed packages work as expected
 197 20:50	heno	looks like we are done with meeting
 198 20:50	heno	thanks everyone!
 199 20:50	stgraber	thanks
 200 20:50	pedro_	thanks you
 201 20:50	lukehasnoname	Every Wednesday at this time?
 202 20:51	sbeattie	thanks
 203 20:51	mgunes	thanks, see you all
 204 20:51	davmor2	yay got apport working :)
 205 20:51	jcastro	take care guys!

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