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## page was renamed from QATeam/Meetings/20120118

Meeting started on Weds Jan 18 2012 at 17:00:09 UTC. balloons chaired the session. The full logs are available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-01-18-17.00.log.html

Meeting summary

  • Previous Actions

ACTION: alourie to feature AutomatedTesting wiki page prominently in wiki, based upon list discussion (balloons, 17:10:04)

  • Blueprints Updates and Community Tasks

ACTION: gema discuss case conductor with mozilla folks and provide update (balloons, 17:13:50)

ACTION: balloons to review test cases for i386,x64 and coordinate updates (balloons, 17:23:09)

  • Ubuntu Derivative Updates
  • Other Discussions

Meeting ended at 17:54:14 UTC.


Action items

  • alourie to feature AutomatedTesting wiki page prominently in wiki, based upon list discussion

  • gema discuss case conductor with mozilla folks and provide update
  • balloons to review test cases for i386,x64 and coordinate updates

Action items, by person

  • alourie
  • * alourie to feature AutomatedTesting wiki page prominently in wiki, based upon list discussion

  • balloons
  • * balloons to review test cases for i386,x64 and coordinate updates
  • gema
  • * gema discuss case conductor with mozilla folks and provide update

People present (lines said)

  • balloons (83)
  • alourie (63)
  • gema (43)
  • txomon|nqas (19)
  • ScottK (17)
  • njin (11)
  • hggdh (7)
  • astraljava (7)
  • meetingology (6)
  • phillw (5)
  • highvoltage (5)
  • albrigha (4)
  • jibel (4)
  • nuclearbob (2)
  • bil21al (1)
  • retoaded (1)

Full Log

  • 17:00:09 <balloons> #startmeeting

    17:00:09 <meetingology> Meeting started Wed Jan 18 17:00:09 2012 UTC. The chair is balloons. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.

    17:00:09 <meetingology>

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    17:00:35 <alourie> o/

    17:00:45 <phillw> o/

    17:00:48 <astraljava> o/

    17:00:54 <balloons> so I see we have at least a few folks.. everyone ready?

    17:00:59 <alourie> yep

    17:01:05 <retoaded> and me too

    17:01:13 <ScottK> \o

    17:01:18 <balloons> [TOPIC] Previous Actions

    17:01:21 <nuclearbob> howdy

    17:01:32 <balloons> ok, so there were a couple previous actions, one of which was mine Smile :-)

    17:01:43 <alourie> and one was mine Smile :-)

    17:01:52 <balloons> kubuntu and ubuntu studio are on the agenda now, so that should be good going forward

    17:02:13 <balloons> alourie, how did the wiki migration go?

    17:02:21 <alourie> balloons: it went fine

    17:02:30 <hggdh> ~ô~

    17:02:34 <alourie> since about couple of hours we have a new wiki page

    17:02:44 <alourie> so everyone is invited to provide a feedback

    17:02:50 <balloons> can you let us know how you did it? I know we were wondering if it was possible to copy, etc...

    17:02:57 <alourie> I actually like this layout

    17:03:00 <alourie> balloons: ah

    17:03:46 <alourie> well, considering that you already merged a hefty part of it, it went quite fast

    17:03:46 <alourie> I just copied over relevant parts

    17:03:49 <albrigha> alourie: to be clear, is this the page? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam

    17:03:56 <alourie> albrigha: yes

    17:04:01 <alourie> there are still a lot of digging required for the nested stuff, I'm on it

    17:04:12 <alourie> but it'll take some time, as there's a /lot/ of stuff

    17:04:16 <alourie> ...

    17:04:37 <albrigha> I was going to ask about that..it seemed like AutomatedTesting has a lot of info and is rather hard to get to. but sounds like you are already looking at it Smile :)

    17:04:49 <alourie> albrigha: yes, I am

    17:05:22 <alourie> I am looking into all things /QA wiki/, so if anyone has ideas/suggestions/questions, fire them up to me

    17:05:28 <balloons> yes, I agree.. General page cleanup is next and the more eyes on it the better

    17:05:39 <gema> alourie: link AutomatedTesting in a visible place

    17:05:50 <gema> I am taking care of linking all the important new stuff we do for automation there

    17:06:14 <gema> thanks !

    17:06:15 <gema> ..

    17:06:26 <alourie> gema: there's an "Actions" link on the main page, that leads to all activities

    17:06:30 <alourie> including Automation

    17:06:49 <alourie> would you like Automation to be special and have a separate link on the main page?

    17:06:58 <gema> I don't find the Actions link

    17:07:06 <albrigha> I don't see it either

    17:07:18 <balloons> i see activities

    17:07:30 <alourie> sorry

    17:07:34 <balloons> and it's there.. it's not a prominent link though on the main page

    17:07:35 <alourie> I meant Activities

    17:07:45 <gema> that may be it, yep, it needs to be on the main page not just under activities

    17:07:48 <gema> imo 17:07:55 * balloons likes the beaker graphic with the cd in it

    17:08:11 <alourie> balloons: for ISO testing? Smile :-)

    17:08:23 <gema> maybe a bullet point under What kinds of things does the Ubuntu QA Team do or so

    17:08:41 <gema> ..

    17:08:47 <alourie> gema: maybe we could bulletlist activities alltogether?

    17:08:55 <gema> alourie: indeed

    17:08:59 <alourie> great

    17:09:01 <balloons> do we want aactivities on the top of the page next to roadmap, schedule

    17:09:13 <alourie> balloons: I'm not sure

    17:09:18 <albrigha> I say so..it seems like it's pretty important..

    17:09:27 <alourie> testing is not the only thing we do

    17:09:27 <gema> I think we should discuss this on the list

    17:09:29 <gema> and move on

    17:09:34 <gema> or else we won't get through Smile :)

    17:09:42 <balloons> ok, so no actions right now

    17:09:47 <alourie> +1

    17:09:47 <alourie> balloons: put this on my actions list

    17:10:04 <balloons> [ACTION] alourie to feature AutomatedTesting wiki page prominently in wiki, based upon list discussion

    17:10:04 * meetingology alourie to feature AutomatedTesting wiki page prominently in wiki, based upon list discussion

    17:10:11 <alourie> thanks

    17:10:21 <balloons> let's move on then

    17:10:27 <alourie> great

    17:10:34 <alourie> thanks for the feedback!

    17:10:37 <balloons> [TOPIC] Blueprints Updates and Community Tasks

    17:10:50 <balloons> alourie, your welcome.. at a glance the wiki is already nicer

    17:11:24 <alourie> yep

    17:11:48 <balloons> ok, does anyone have any updates on tasks to sharE?

    17:11:56 <balloons> let's start with you alourie

    17:12:00 <alourie> ahm

    17:12:12 <alourie> ok

    17:12:18 <balloons> Smile :-)

    17:12:52 <alourie> I think we need to get moving with test cases rework. I have no updates yes, but I intend to get started with rewriting. gema - is there any update on the meeting with Mozilla folks?

    17:13:08 <gema> alourie: on my todo list

    17:13:15 <gema> alourie: I need to talk to them this week

    17:13:20 <gema> balloons: give me an action

    17:13:22 <balloons> alourie, I also wanted to discuss the rework.

    17:13:25 <alourie> oh, great

    17:13:29 <alourie> balloons: go ahead

    17:13:50 <balloons> [ACTION] gema discuss case conductor with mozilla folks and provide update 17:13:50 * meetingology gema discuss case conductor with mozilla folks and provide update 17:14:05 * txomon|nqas has arrived

    17:14:18 <balloons> sure. So I wanted to make sure I understood the process for how the test cases were being reworked

    17:14:25 <balloons> txomon|nqas, welcome Smile :-)

    17:14:32 <alourie> balloons: ok

    17:14:43 <balloons> let me find my steps..

    17:15:08 <alourie> so we have decided to rewrite them, mainly because wiki doesn't seem to be a good management tool

    17:15:34 <balloons> yes.. in a nutshell, essentially using the gdoc to rewrite then place back in the wiki

    17:15:41 <gema> no, we have decided to rewrite them because they were wrong

    17:15:54 <gema> and we are moving to case conductor because the wiki is not a good management tool Smile :)

    17:15:56 <njin> they where old

    17:16:10 <gema> njin: +1

    17:16:11 <balloons> yes gema is correct there

    17:16:15 <alourie> rewriting allows us to review them, fix ambiguities, update the content to a more relevant one, and remove the obsolete ones

    17:16:15 <alourie> because many of them are not relevant anymore

    17:16:17 <alourie> and just not clear enough

    17:17:05 <balloons> so I'm up to speed on that now Smile :-) So the next step is to get some traction going on re-writing them, reviewing them, and getting them back into the wiki

    17:17:09 <njin> alourie,exact

    17:17:19 <alourie> balloons: wiki, for now

    17:17:33 <alourie> and CC later on (or any other system of choice) 17:17:40 * gema nods

    17:17:46 <balloons> +1

    17:18:03 <alourie> balloons: so action here would be getting on with it Smile :-)

    17:18:52 <balloons> yes, I will take an action to solicit some folks on the list and get some cases written for next week

    17:18:52 <gema> balloons: maybe you could make it a bit easier for people by making sure we have a list of test cases that haven't been worked on yet available

    17:19:07 <alourie> gema: +!

    17:19:12 <alourie> that's +!

    17:19:14 <alourie> +1

    17:19:17 <gema> because now that we've started the whole thing got a bit messy x)

    17:19:35 <balloons> I was going to focus on an app or two at a time -- what do you think?

    17:19:42 <gema> sounds good to me

    17:19:45 <alourie> gema, balloons: I recommend going for ISO testing actually

    17:20:08 <gema> alourie: indeed, so that we are ready for alpha 2

    17:20:19 <alourie> say, begin with simple desktop 386

    17:20:26 <alourie> and continue from there

    17:20:39 <alourie> or it is x64 now?

    17:20:53 <balloons> did we go default 64-bit?

    17:21:02 <alourie> I don't know

    17:21:15 <gema> doesn't matter, none of them are simple by any stretch of imagination, if we are talking installs

    17:21:22 <alourie> yea

    17:21:31 <alourie> and they would be quite similar

    17:21:38 <alourie> in terms of test cases

    17:21:46 <njin> sure

    17:21:58 <alourie> balloons: just pick one Smile :-)

    17:22:34 <balloons> sure, so I will take an action to review what's out there for i386 and x64

    17:22:40 <alourie> yep

    17:22:43 <balloons> and send to the list asking for help on rewrites

    17:22:55 <hggdh> all archs are important -- and we will need people to work on PPC, ARM, etc

    17:23:08 <alourie> hggdh: true, but we need to start somewhere

    17:23:09 <balloons> [ACTION] balloons to review test cases for i386,x64 and coordinate updates 17:23:09 * meetingology balloons to review test cases for i386,x64 and coordinate updates

    17:23:28 <balloons> hggdh, I agree, and as long as we get one arch done we can model the rest after it

    17:23:34 <hggdh> indeed

    17:24:01 <jibel> balloons, if you start with intel you'll need to cover mac too

    17:24:17 <balloons> mac as in efi boot?

    17:24:22 <balloons> or as in ppc?

    17:24:29 <hggdh> mac intel

    17:24:38 <jibel> yes efi. amd64

    17:24:46 <gema> but the test cases are similar, aren't they?

    17:24:52 <gema> are we discussing test cases or execution?

    17:25:41 <jibel> if you're talking about test case there should be no difference between intel archs

    17:26:07 <gema> that's what I thought, we were just talking test cases, then balloons will need to move to the execution phase

    17:26:16 <gema> and help coordinate that

    17:26:21 <gema> with you, probably, jibel

    17:26:27 <alourie> I still say we pick one, handle its test cases, see next

    17:26:37 <gema> alourie: +1

    17:27:56 <balloons> ok, so yes test cases first

    17:28:07 <balloons> jibel can help coordinate execution

    17:28:27 <balloons> that's probably an discussion point for next week

    17:28:30 <balloons> make sure we followup

    17:28:55 <balloons> ok, let's move on

    17:29:28 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Derivative Updates

    17:29:38 <balloons> Anyone from kubuntu on? 17:29:40 * alourie is out for few minutes

    17:29:45 <ScottK> Sure.

    17:29:56 <ScottK> Although Kubuntu isn't really a derivative.

    17:29:56 <balloons> hello ScottK

    17:30:12 <ScottK> As I mentioned last week, we've got KDE SC 4.7.4 in oneiric-proposed for testing.

    17:30:19 <balloons> I never know what to call them.. spins, etc.. can someone give me the right term?

    17:30:25 <ScottK> It's the last planned 4.7.x update.

    17:30:32 <balloons> will 4.8 be in precise?

    17:30:36 <ScottK> I prefer flavors or siblings.

    17:30:37 <ScottK> Yes.

    17:30:51 <ScottK> It's a 4.8 rc now and 4.8 final due out soon.

    17:31:08 <ScottK> IMO something like Mint is a derivative.

    17:31:26 <balloons> ScottK, noted. I'll use flavors

    17:31:30 <ScottK> Thanks.

    17:31:33 <jibel> balloons, flavors is good as per http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/derivatives

    17:31:41 <balloons> jibel, perfect thank you

    17:32:08 <balloons> how about lubuntu? phillw?

    17:32:51 <phillw> fairly quiet, still working on one bug. the other bug that we shared with xubuntu re:language being altered when hitting return seems resolved

    17:32:55 <ScottK> BTW, the new multitouch stack is about to land on precise and if someone has appropriate hardware it'd be great to get some testing with Qt apps. None of the Kubuntu developers have hardware.

    17:33:25 <balloons> ScottK, ohh really? I've been waiting for it to land to try out with my chromebook which has a multitouch pad

    17:33:32 <phillw> but my daily buold from yesterday has just failed after install.

    17:33:51 <ScottK> balloons: I understand the qt4-x11 build on armel is the last thing they are waiting for.

    17:33:58 <ScottK> It takes about a day and a half to build.

    17:34:15 <balloons> phillw, do you know why it failed yet?

    17:34:19 <ScottK> I think this needs a touch screen though.

    17:34:49 <phillw> balloons: no, It just sent my VM crazy when I 1st launched it. I've only just put it on so need to have a dig around. 17:34:59 * alourie I must leave now, sorry, will read logs later

    17:35:16 * alourie thanks balloons for the chairing Smile :-)

    17:35:28 <balloons> goodbye alourie!

    17:35:40 <balloons> phillw, ScottK thanks for the updates

    17:35:49 <balloons> How about xubuntu?

    17:36:05 <gema> charlie-tca doesn't seem to be here

    17:36:12 <balloons> yep

    17:36:24 <balloons> astraljava, anything on ubuntu studio?

    17:36:30 <njin> unity-greeter[1589] trap int3 ip:7fec4fbe4b3b sp:7fff55e32490 error:0

    17:36:51 <astraljava> Nothing much. We're picking up speed in getting our first ever live-dvd developed soon-ish.

    17:36:57 <njin> phillw:

    17:37:10 <astraljava> Other than that, it's been slow.

    17:37:19 <astraljava> ..

    17:37:54 <balloons> just curious, how much kernel testing does your team undertake?

    17:38:05 <njin> Xubuntu today install like a charm

    17:38:18 <astraljava> Somewhat, as we're going to include the -low-latency kernel.

    17:38:23 <njin> in my test

    17:38:35 <astraljava> But it hasn't reached the repositories yet.

    17:38:38 <astraljava> ..

    17:38:41 <phillw> njin: I'll wait for todays build. Mine is dated 17th.

    17:38:53 <njin> I too 17:38:54 * txomon|nqas would like to ask a question at the end

    17:39:21 <njin> also the build useed to report the bug is 17

    17:39:23 <balloons> ok great.. thank astraljava

    17:39:39 <balloons> One more update njin and txomon|nqas Smile :-)

    17:39:47 <balloons> highvoltage, anything from edubuntu?

    17:40:32 <balloons> or anyone else care to comment on edubuntu? stgraber? I know they said they were not usually around

    17:40:38 <balloons> we'll move on then

    17:40:47 <highvoltage> hey balloons

    17:40:55 <highvoltage> ah sorry I forgot about this meeting

    17:41:03 <balloons> hello Smile :-)

    17:41:12 <balloons> no worries -- anything to share?

    17:41:26 <highvoltage> nothing that I have prepared now, but I'll give an update next time!

    17:41:37 <balloons> sounds great

    17:41:37 <highvoltage> how often does this meeting occur?

    17:41:44 <txomon|nqas> weekly

    17:41:45 <balloons> every weds at 1700 utc

    17:41:49 <highvoltage> ok

    17:41:56 <balloons> [TOPIC] Other Discussions

    17:42:11 <balloons> ok, lastly anything from the list or otherwise anyone wants to bring up

    17:42:16 <balloons> fire away njin

    17:43:18 <balloons> txomon|nqas, how about your question?

    17:43:23 <njin> just that today kubuntu and Xubuntu installs ok in every modality

    17:43:34 <njin> on real hardware

    17:44:02 <txomon|nqas> I have been thinking about this for a large time. I have several computers that I don't use, and that would like to use for testing, is there any app the qa has to make automated installs?

    17:44:35 <txomon|nqas> I mean, automatically running tests, and sending reports

    17:44:53 <balloons> njin: sweet!

    17:45:13 <gema> txomon|nqas: not yet

    17:45:23 <txomon|nqas> have been looking at the Orchestra project, but that is mainly focused on server deployment

    17:45:34 <balloons> gema, what work would need to be done to enable such things?

    17:45:50 <gema> balloons: we are working on a project that will allow people to do this at home

    17:46:01 <gema> balloons: but we are barely gathering requirements at the moment

    17:46:09 <txomon|nqas> gema: good to know.

    17:46:10 <balloons> gotcha

    17:46:17 <gema> balloons: having an orchestra server would be good for the time being

    17:46:24 <gema> and I have been told it is very easy to use

    17:46:30 <gema> but not everyone will be up for it 17:46:42 * txomon|nqas tryed orchestra...

    17:46:48 <gema> txomon|nqas: and?

    17:47:21 <txomon|nqas> puf, that was difficult to use in a home enviroment. It was very focussed on servers, and

    17:47:35 <ScottK> This week I'm expecting we'll get postfix 2.8.7 into precise and then there will be post-release updates for natty and oneiric that need testing.

    17:47:49 <txomon|nqas> there were lots of things not quite modularized

    17:48:08 <gema> txomon|nqas: agreed

    17:48:26 <txomon|nqas> I mean, the orchestra-provisioning

    17:48:45 <balloons> txomon|nqas, any other thoughts on tools? certainly I would encourage you to see what you could come up with to do the automated testing, even if there wasn't a good way (yet) to feedback

    17:48:45 <txomon|nqas> which is what I mainly wanted, is quite strange to my eyes (alone at least)

    17:49:16 <txomon|nqas> balloons: I have been using apt-cacher-ng to cache, instead of squid

    17:49:27 <txomon|nqas> and speeds up quite a lot installations

    17:49:38 <txomon|nqas> easy to configure (doesn't need btw)

    17:49:46 <balloons> and your mainly looking at iso installing or ?

    17:50:17 <txomon|nqas> balloons: I was intending to create automatic installation systems, with kickstart files

    17:50:23 <hggdh> ScottK: do we have tests available for postfix, or is it ad-hoc? 17:50:35 * hggdh wonders if the meeting lost focus

    17:50:47 <balloons> just dual convo's Smile :-)

    17:51:16 <gema> hggdh: +1 Big Grin :)

    17:51:18 <ScottK> hggdh: I think it's ad hoc, but postfix upstream is one of the most careful and reliable there is.

    17:51:56 <balloons> txomon|nqas, i would say keep us informed of your work and progress.. Gema as you can use feedback on requirements gathering let's plan to share and make sure txomon|nqas sees it

    17:51:58 <hggdh> ScottK: k

    17:52:09 <gema> balloons: ok

    17:52:17 <txomon|nqas> I would be quite interested on that

    17:53:04 <txomon|nqas> nothing more on my side

    17:53:10 <balloons> scottk?

    17:53:13 <txomon|nqas> will discuss this in #ubuntu-testing

    17:53:31 <ScottK> No. Nothing more.

    17:53:40 <balloons> alright -- our time has come to an end then.. great meeting everyone. thanks for coming

    17:53:52 <nuclearbob> thanks for chairing

    17:53:53 <gema> thanks for chairing!

    17:53:54 <bil21al> ok yw

    17:53:57 <balloons> and for dealing with me as the chair Wink ;-) See you all next week

    17:54:14 <balloons> #endmeeting

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