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 1. RTL support in Unity Greeter (the default Ubuntu login screen)  1. [[https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-greeter/+bug/834386 | RTL support in Unity Greeter]] (the default Ubuntu login screen)

Most importantly: keep up-to-date on RTL issues

  1. Subscribe to the mailing list.

  2. Join the team on launchpad. The team is subscribed to all changes in the Ubuntu bugs that are tagged with 'rtl' so you will get those by E-mail.

  3. Subscribe to this wiki page.


The Ubuntu RTL Team's mission is to improve the support of right-to-left languages like Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew in Ubuntu.

We try to contribute our changes upstream as much as possible.

What's the Problem?

Implementing support for languages that are written from right to left (RTL), requires more than just translation. Since RTL users are accustomed to read from right to left, they naturally scan the UI from right to left. Essentially, they expect to see a mirror image of the UI (there are exceptions). So the UI's layout needs to be changed to facilitate this. For instance, text should be right aligned instead of left aligned, and checkboxes are commonly placed to the right of their label instead of to the left of it, vertical scrollbars are on the left side instead of on the right side and so on. Here are some screenshots and there's a good, more in-depth reading about this RTL mirroring at the Chromium project.

There is a table with information about the RTL languages.

Bug Priority

  1. Make a fall back from Unity to Unity 2D for RTL users in precise before release

  2. Getting RTL enabled in LibreOffice by default or by the presence of an RTL keyboard layout in precise before release

  3. Getting RTL support in Unity

  4. RTL support in Unity Greeter (the default Ubuntu login screen)

  5. Report, triage and fix RTL bugs



RTL Bug Lists

Developer Docs



  1. ✓ Getting the rtl tag accepted as one of the standard Ubuntu bug tags

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