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 * '''Launchpad Entry''':  * '''Launchpad Entry''':


We need to reduce library (and app) duplication in main as much as possible to make dapper's "supported for 5 years on the server" goal easier on all of us.


Supporting multiple versions of similar codebases can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming. We should, rather, be concentrating on keeping ONE of everything (one libdb, one libmysqlclient, one libssl, one libpng, one set of mozilla libs, etc) in main, and punting the rest to universe (or oblivion)

Use cases




* Identify duplicate libs, make sure everything in main links to the "best" version, and kick the rest out. * Audit packages for local copies of libs (static libz, libdb, libpng, imlib, libpcre, and libneon have all been common in the past), and get us linking dynamically to packaged libraries everywhere possible.


Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion

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