About me

Reinhard Tartler, PHD Student of Computer Science in Erlangen, Germany

Experience with FOSS

I started using Linux with SuSE 4.2, and used that up to version 7.2. Then I tried out debian/woody (which was 'testing' that time), a week later I was totally converted Wink ;) I'm having fun advocating good solutions like ubuntu among my friends and family.

I'm using ubuntu actively since warty preview.


games, networking and network security

Contributions to ubuntu

Contributions to debian

  • I'm nowadays an official Debian Developer
  • packages I maintain in debian]

  • bugs I submitted to the debian bug tracking system

My Ubuntu work

I'd like to encourage to get more people becoming MOTUs. For lowering the entrance barrier as well as faciliating getting packages sponsored, StefanPotyra and me wrote REVU, a MOTU reviewing tool.

I try to keep universe in good shape. I'm also interested in multimedia and gaming related Packages, as you can see of my debian packages. My other Interests are network security and adminstration related packages.

As I'm a PHd of computer science, which is a fulltime job of itself, I cannot work full time on my packages. I hang around in irc channels like #ubuntu-devel and #ubuntu-motu, where I try to help where I can.

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