“It is our station in life to live within the laws that give us being, but offer of themselves no purpose or promise, no grand triumph as a species. The universe allows us a place in its systematic workings, but cares only for the system itself, not us.”

“Even this manner of stating the truth misleads.”

“The universe is, in fact, incapable of caring. We exist in a world that is orderly in its laws, but without any plan whatsoever beyond the gravid workings of its dynamics.”

“But an existence that is based on chance and serendipity and without any divine purpose need not be one of discouragement, fear and depression.”

“Rather, we need only to look how far we have come, how much we have accomplished, and how much potential for greatness we have before us to realize that WITHOUT an uncaring, indifferent universe, the importance of our achievements dwindles to naught.”

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