A reviewer's guide will make life easier for non-specialist journalists reviewing Ubuntu. It should contain simple explanations of what Ubuntu is, what Linux is, and how Ubuntu's features compare with those of other OSes.


As Ubuntu becomes more popular and less geeky, it will increasingly be encountered by journalists who aren't familiar with Ubuntu or Linux. We want to minimize any mistakes they make, by providing them with accurate, understandable, and interesting information.

Use cases

Phillip is a journalist working for some newspaper, has noticed "the recent fuzz about Ubuntu" and wants to write an article about Ubuntu. Unfortunately, since he has been using Microsoft Windows since the early days, he has only a faint idea of what Linux is, and don't know anything specific about Ubuntu. He finds the Reviewers Guide and, after reading it, has a clearer understanding of what Ubuntu is.


Perhaps it could be divided into sections: One w/ the history and principles of Linux and FOSS, something about the history of Ubuntu, and then perhaps the highlights of Ubuntu and Linux in general - its community, the package system, the command-line (perhaps pointing out that it's only meant to be secondary to the GUI on Ubuntu?), and something about the official derivatives (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Mythbuntu, Edubuntu).


Outstanding issues


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