Hi! I'm an Spanish Ubuntero :).


Involving Ubuntu

  • I'm the Ubuntu Spanish Translators team administrator, and a Spanish translator via Launchpad.

    • As administrator, my job is, basically, to help approving/declining new membership requests for the team, using the criteria published in the team wiki page. (I helped to write that wiki page, as you can see in the info view.) The administration job involves coordinating all the process.

    • As translator, my job is to help translating Ubuntu into Spanish. I'm doing translation works since 2005, and I do send bugreports about translation problems regularly. You can see my latest translations. The Spanish is on the top of the translated languages in Ubuntu!

    • Most of the bugreports I send are i18n/l10n issues.

  • I'm also one of the ubuntu-es-l10n mailing list administrator.

  • Since 2007-10-01, I'm an official Ubuntu Member.

Spreading Ubuntu!

  • You can see the slides of a conference I did about Debian & Ubuntu.

  • I teach Computer Science in a High School of Andalusia, Spain.

    • I install and maintain three computer labs entirely with Ubuntu computers (around 100 Ubuntu machines).
    • I teach software technology with PHP, Apache, PostgreSQL and Linux basics.

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